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student loans or full time work?


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  • student loans or full time work?

    I've always had a full time job throughout my college career. I attend a community college (a very nice one, has many four year programs through larger schools).
    The full time job has allowed me to have a good amount of cash in my pocket and own a pretty nice car. I can say that having a full time job has affected my grades in a bad way. I have a 3.0 but I know I could do better with more time on my hands.
    I recently had to leave my job because of some questionable things that were going on there that I didn't want to be involved in. I am now unemployed and I have enough money for another month and a half.
    I hold 43 credits right now and if I have a job I can only do about 12-15 credits a semester. I need another 17-20 credits to graduate. If I stay unemployed I feel like I can wrap things up this semester. This will help me out as many departments are asking for 60 college credits now and I can't apply with them until I have them.
    So, I'm thinking about getting a 3 or 4 thousand dollar loan to cover my living expenses while I finish up school into December.
    The problem is, what will I do after that? I'll have this loan on my hands, no money, and most likely, no job. The NJ civil service list is active in December and as much as I'd hate to do this, my uncle is a higher up for njdoc and he can probably push me through given that they are having a class then. I'm in the process with philly PD also and who knows how long that is going to take. I have apps in with other places but we all know how long this stuff takes.

    So should I try to find another job and finish up school next spring, where I will have to hold off applying to many departments and I will come out with lower grades


    Get a student loan and finish things up in december, where I will be able to apply to many more departments, but I will have student loans on my hands.

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    In general, you should avoid student loans if you can, however 4 grand isn't that hateful. If you are unemployed you can file for a hardship extension on your loan repayment. I do see the appeal of getting in and getting it done. How do you know you're high enough on the civil service list to get pushed through?


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      $4,000.00, Weak. I started at $19,000.00 and paid off $14,000.00 in a matter of 6 months with a full time job.


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        Originally posted by Jhelrey View Post
        $4,000.00, Weak. I started at $19,000.00 and paid off $14,000.00 in a matter of 6 months with a full time job.
        I have $30,000.00 to pay off at the moment, and that is only have way through my college degree.

        Anyways, I'd find another job until you get your degree and get accepted into a department. Because the simple reality is 3-4 thousand dollars goes by quick and department processes can take anywhere from 2 months to a year or more. Keep yourself financially suited.

        You should be able to pay off your student loans quickly once you're on with a department though. Good luck.


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          $4,000 in student loans isn't alot, as others have mentioned. Just take out the loan, get school finished, and start applying to departments.


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            Do one semester of 17 credits. It isn't easy, but I did one; while working full time.
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