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  • Police Exam 911 Question

    Is Police Exam 911, offered by Sgt. George Godoy, worth 50 bucks? What kind of techniques and knowledge does it have to offer? Would I be better off obtaining knowledge elsewhere?

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    I spent the 50 bones, just so I could see what he was offering. I figure its an investment into my future, so if it helps, great, if not, well, at least I know, and I can pass it along to other folks.

    For me, it was helpful. His videos are pretty good, and they're easy to follow and retain. Its really good advice...he tells you how to go about filling out forms, how to get ready for the tests, etc. I had some questions, and e-mailed Sgt Godoy, and he wrote right back with the answers, and seemed very eager to help. Also told me good luck, and let him know how I did when it came time to test.

    Some people don't feel its worth 50 bucks, but like I said, I consider the money investing into my future, and I usually get something out of just about anything. I can't imagine a LEO trying to cheat other folks trying to become LEO's themselves.

    Good luck.
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