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  • DEA SA Questions

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out answering the following the questions? I did do a search and found some good info about Training and the application process, but I still have a few other question. Thanks ahead of time.

    1. How often does the DEA make you re-locate? I understand that you travel quite a bit and that you are at the needs of the DEA, but is it possible after a few moves to finish your career in one City? Ex. Finish the last 10 years in Miami?

    2. How hard would it be to get a big city assignment out such as Miami, Chicago, LA, NYC, or San Fran/Oakland out of training?

    3. How hard is it to get selected to work on State/Local Task Force? Is this even an option for new SA?

    4. How likely are over seas assignments? What is normally the length of these assignments?

    5. Any DEA SA's on the board or anyone on here who works with them care to comment on Leadership, morale, or general opinions about the DEA.

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    Unfortunately I dont work for the DEA so I cant answer your questions, but posting in the main DEA thread might get you a more likely response as the information will continue to be consolidated. Just my .02


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      hey there, I can only answer from what I have been told (I am an applicant) -just finishing background. I have DEA friends and have talked with ASACs who have given me pointers..
      Qu 1- I have heard that if you want to be management, moves to a new location will happen. Most promotions happen in other locations than the one you are at. Take a look at the background of ASACs and SACs, as they have moved often as they promoted.
      Qu. 2 - Based on the needs of DEA. Each Regional HQ has or doesnt have room for new agents. Some offices need more than others.

      Qu. 3 I have heard that newbies train for a long time before they get a task force position. Some positions are only available to GS13 agents.

      Qu - 4 Agents bid for positions overseas. Its kind of like a bulletin that goes out, usually only GS-13 agents can apply. You also have to meet operational requirements for that tour of duty (ie- foreign language for that country or special skills they need for that assignment) Its all competitive, especially for cool locations.

      -Hope that helps. Like I said, I have spoken to many agents, that is what they told me.


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        Here is what I have heard as far as the DEA is concerned in the near future. My friend is assigned to the Riverside, CA office. He has only been on for a few years, but this is what he relayed. When he was selected, he was allowed to choose the top 10 places he wanted. He chose the Midwest because that was where he was from. But obviously as a new hire, you will go to the larger busy coastal or border towns. He has been told recently (Dec 08) that all new agents are being assigned to Detroit, New York City, or Newark, NJ because 1)they are very busy offices and 2)no one wants to live there.

        Now that is just what Agents are being told, it still may vary as others have said, based on needs of Regional Offices. Now my friend has been in Riverside for a few years and they haven't moved him or even hinted at another move. He said alot of time if new Agents are assigned to large field offices they will stay (if wanted), and if assigned to medium or small, they will be moved or have oppurtunity to move to large office after 3-5 years.

        Work with the DEA can be frustrating too, as with other agencies, depending on the office location. My friend in Riverside is actually assigned to the larger LA office, but works in Riverside suboffice. He said the LA SAC does not let his agents due investigations and all they seem to ever do is wiretaps, so the LA agents aren't too in love right now. His SAC for Riverside allows them the freedom to work cases, informants, undercover, etc...but they still work alot of wiretaps for LA and such.

        That's just my two cents and what was relayed to me, so if anyone has heard otherwise please let me know. I still know the DEA is one of the better (loved by employees that is) federal law enforcement jobs. Along with FBI and US Marshal's (after 3 years), they have low turnover rates.

        USMS FCIP:
        Info Session-04/08/09
        Condition Offer-08/06/09
        Medial Part 1-08/28/09
        Medial Part 2 (Dr Review)-09/10/09
        Final Offer-?


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          Just to give this thread a boost for others to give opinions. Very good information here.


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            My panel told me that the SW (El Paso in particular) is more probable.


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              Your answers sir:

              1. DEA does not currently force move anyone, unless you are being selected for a special detail. In that instance you already know you have to move. EG: Transfer to training at Quantico, FAST, etc... They are broke; however, with the new focus on border violence they might get a shot of $. So if you want to move, you have to wait for an opening (very rare for the past several years) and apply for a voluntary transfer. If you get it, you pay for it. They will also move you if you promote. On top of your first move, you'll have to do a tour at HQ in DC.

              2. LA, NYC and Miami are almost always on the list. Very good chance of getting one of those. There is a reason there are always vacancies. COST OF LIVING!!!! Very tough to get OUT of those places....

              3. Plan on doing serveral years in your DEA group. You'll get to work with locals/state due to the nature of the beast. Most TF groups are actually run from DEA/HIDTA. So they come to you.

              4. Overseas is completely voluntary. 3 years on average.

              5. Great money and benefits. Morale, depends on where you are. If you go to the border, you aint leaving. Leadership, well.... Most importantly, they don't do Police work. THey mostly do long-term investigations........ It can be quite slow at times... be prepared.


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                Originally posted by FormerFuture View Post
                My panel told me that the SW (El Paso in particular) is more probable.
                Interesting to know. I have my panel interview late this month; let's see what they have say about that subject.


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                  I had a DEA Agent come by my station the other day and we were talking about the job and when I asked about transfers he said you had to do 5 years at the location you were sent to after the academy. Is that pretty much the standard time frame?


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                    Originally posted by SHU View Post
                    I had a DEA Agent come by my station the other day and we were talking about the job and when I asked about transfers he said you had to do 5 years at the location you were sent to after the academy. Is that pretty much the standard time frame?
                    Yeah, unless you apply for, and get, an advertised special assignment (foreign PCS, FAST, etc), the rule is pretty much you have to do five years in your first office before you can starting to look to move. It's not written in stone, though.


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                      Good Info,

                      Does anyone know the when the next few classes are set for the 'Q' this fall for recruits?

                      I know it is supposed to be a busy training year for the DEA!


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