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Did I butcher my oral?


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  • Did I butcher my oral?

    One of the officers interviewing me give me a little lecture about integrity...and that he would turn his partner in with out hesitation if he witnessed him steal anything. And he kept saying do you understand...do you understand. Then he gave me some pointers for the next round of interviews if I get to them.

    I can honestly say that I felt like I didn't have any integrity at that moment because I felt that my answer showed that I would lie.

    I then asked them a question about how many officers position they are looking to fill and if I will be able to apply again if I am dq'd this round.
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    sound like pretty decent answers to me....

    for the first one: i sure as hell wouldn't be lettin him go, dunno about the loudspeaker but i'd definitely be stopping him. he's not in that big a hurry that he couldn't put the money in his pocket or into his wallet, no body runs around with wads of cash in their hand....there's definitely explaining to do. and then perfectly reasonably (you apologise to him) and justifiably you hold him while you check with the am/pm (i dunno what that is, but that doesn't really matter)

    as for the second one, again it sounds like a fine answer to me. you give him a chance to right the wrong and he does so. saying there that you would report him and whatever would just sound cheesy coz lets me honest you wouldn't, you'd give him the chance. and then u followed up by saying if IA got involved you would be honest so that shows your integrity and honesty.


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      Did they have you sign a non disclosure agreement which stated you wouldn't reveal any of the questions you were asked?
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        Originally posted by GitmoVet View Post
        Did they have you sign a non disclosure agreement which stated you wouldn't reveal any of the questions you were asked?
        I was going to ask the same thing. Some local pds don't, but it's never really a good thing to disclose so much detailed information about questions. I'd prefer that applicants didn't come in rehearsed because they already knew the questions that were going to be asked and perfected their responses.

        I don't think you gave bad responses. It's a learning experience. The best bet is to be honest and not try to tell them what they want to hear.


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          Those were good answers, don't sweat it!
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            Those answers aren't too bad. Actually, I thought they were pretty good, especially for an entry level. Don't worry about it. I've taken many oral boards, and the one thing I've learned is to NOT trust my gut. Usually when I feel like I tanked it, I pass. And when I feel like I did well, I get a "thanks but no thanks" letter. They're very subjective and depend just as much on the people interviewing you than your answers themselves.
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              Agreed, I felt like I bombed a federal board only to get a call two weeks later for further processing. They did ask similar touchy questions.


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                I gave the interviewing officer the wrong credit score. I said 590 when it is actually 690. Should I email to recruiter and clarify?


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                  Calm down... One ? is enough. Also, your fine. Your credit score will be found out if you get backgrounded. So you made a mistake on it, who cares. It changes all of the time anyways.


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                    First, you have to realize there are two sets of answers, the oral board answers and the real life answers. I won't get into the real life answers but as far as the oral board is concerned, I think you messed up with the candy bar question. No matter how little this job pays, we don't steal, even a candy bar.

                    An acceptable answer (there are many) might be:

                    1. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Remind him that he "forgot" to pay for the candy bar and that he needs to go back and do so.
                    2. If he refuses, go back and pay for it yourself.
                    3. Notify a supervisor later on of what happened.

                    Now, this answer assumes that your partner actually stole the candy bar. Some stores have an official practice of giving officers free drinks, food and candy when they stop by. You need to know the difference between the two and find out what happened in this case. You also need to know the department's policy on accepting food items for free. The last agency I worked for flat-out prohibited it, while the one before that said the infrequent gifting of a meal or food items was acceptable.
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