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  • AEO and DEO's

    Does anyone have any information on Aviation Enforcement Officers and Detention Enforcement Officers?
    Are these positions just open to just current U.S. Marshals?
    Or is this different from being a Deputy U.S. Marshals?
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    AEO work out of the airplan I forget the duty location, theres only one or two. They meet several districts at once and exchange prisoners at specific locations. Sometimes its open to public sometimes status, but thats Status Gov't wide.

    DEO transport Prisoners to and from the jails, medicals and other predetermined areas. They book all new arrestees from all agencies before going to court. they also maintain order in the Courthouse/cell block. Just like an 082 it will depend on your duty location for your duties. They can asisst deputies but some districts hold'em to cellblock and transport. there is no direct awnser what you would do on a daily basis it depends on the district again sometimes its public announcement sometimes status.

    Off duty, USMS 1802 overall policy is they lock there weapon-up at the end of the day and no more qaulifing with a back-up weopon after H.R. 218 came out. However you keep your creds so a personal weapon is fine from my understanding of the law. Again it depends on your district wether they follow that policy or not, some treat there DEO w/ great respect some do not.

    You will be given an opertunity for promotion only open to DEO at times usually once a year. If your distrct likes you they can helpyou get a descent location but not garunteed.


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