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    Hi there,

    I am currently a Police Officer in Sydney, Australia. I am interested in gaining employment in the USA as a Police Officer and was wondering if this is possible. I do know of an Aussie who worked in Fresno as a Police Officer but sadly he has since passed away as a result of a traffic accident.

    I was of the belief that if you are not an American citizen you need to be sponsered to gain employment.

    I have also served in the fulltime Australian Army in the Infantry Corps and as a Correctional Officer working in Correctional Centre's and as a Drug Detection and Firearms/Explosives K9 Handler.

    Even if someone does not know the answer I was hoping someone may know of an Aussie who they are working along side.

    Regards from the land down under,

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    I think somewhere on here there is a few discussions about this. I'm not sure where they are, but if you look around the forum for a it, you'll find it.


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      To be appointed as a peace officer in California, you must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship. Citizenship status must be conferred within three years of applying for citizenship.

      Additional citizenship requirements are stipulated for California Highway patrol officers, who must be U.S. citizens at the time of appointment (per Vehicle Code Section 2267).
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        All about citizenship- requirement:

        In the last year I contacted about 70 PD's. None was determined to sponsor a Green Card.
        But if u find any PD, sent me a PM, I want to become a LEO in the USA, too.
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          Sorry to disappoint you guys but it's near impossible unless you marry a US citizen. I was in the same boat in 2000 former Scotland Yard (20 yrs) Special Ops team leader, former detective, anti-terrorist stuff and all that. It simply doesn't cut it. Most if not all agencies now require citizenship, in order to obtain that you must have lived here on a green card for 5 years (3 if married to US citizen) then you have to apply for citizenship. Because of my background I managed to get a green card on what is described as "Alien of extraordinary ability" category, that was back in 2000. I applied for citizenship last year and have my final interview on July 14, after that it's swearing in with full citizenship rights. Good luck but believe me it's a lonnnng drawn out process (7 years in my case) The key is the green card.

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            Originally posted by SWAT1 View Post
            Because of my background I managed to get a green card on what is described as "Alien of extraordinary ability" category, that was back in 2000.
            that is exactly what I tried in the last month. But I have no SWAT-background.
            I'm a normal German LEO with some undercover drug investigation and crowd/riot experience. I guess that's not enough to be an "Alien of extraordinary ability"
            Originally posted by SWAT1 View Post
            The key is the green card.
            That's true. But it's hard to get one. I took part a the lotterie several times. Without any success.
            To marry a US-Girl only to get a Green card is illegal. I see no sense in doing that especially I want to become a Police Officer in the USA. It's not very smart to try to immigrate to the USA illegally and apply for a job in law enforcement after that...

            Right now I'm trying to get a job in the security branch (hotel/ casino security e.g.)
            But it's hard to make contacts.
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