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  • TSA Criminal Investigator

    I recently saw an opening for TSA Criminal Investigator. I have read the job description but would like more information. I am hoping a current TSA Investigator could share or anyone else who knows about this position. Main questions for me are:

    Need to be under age 37 by time of appointment?

    Is this an 1811 position?

    How much travel is required?

    What is the work schedule like?

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    It is a 1811 position and there is the age requirement.


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      Here is the low down on many of the current TSA investigators. Many of these guys are retired USSS agents. When the agency started, it was a large dumping ground for the old USSS agents who were under the DC Metro retirement plan. These guys get to draw a full pention from USSS and get an additional check from the TSA. Put the two togeter and they are bring in over $220,000 with the G. Most of the guys under the DC metro plan are retired from USSS now, so I do not think you would be competing with many of them now, but the good old boy network is still there.

      I would go for it. It never hurts to apply and get interview experience.

      Good luck.


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        from the announcement

        Selectee must have successfully completed basic criminal investigator training at the Federal Law Enforcement Center or equivalent.

        AGE REQUIREMENT: It is the policy of the Department of Homeland Security to recognize the need to maintain a young and vigorous work force in physically arduous law enforcement positions. In keeping with that policy, the Department determined that in order for an individual to be initially appointed to a law enforcement position covered by the special retirement provisions of Title 5, U.S.C, i.e., a Federal law enforcement officer position, the individual must be under the age of 37 at time of appointment.

        Extensive travel is required.

        SERIES & GRADE:�SV-1811-H/J

        Selectee may be entitled up to 25% of base pay as availability pay to work substantial amounts of "unscheduled duty".

        This was just copied and pasted from the announcement. Aspiring 1811's you would think find this kinda stuff already. Good luck.



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          Thanks guys for all the responses. I have read the listing for the position on USAJOBS. I am looking for more in depth on how the job is. What kind of cases do you work? Is everyone happy with their assignments? Good group of people to work for? Anything negative I should know about? I have a great job as an investigator and work with a great group of people. I have wanted to change to a federal job but only if it's a great place to work for. I am late in the game with 37 not to far away. As for the age question I just wanted to see if it could be 37 and a few months. I have read about 6c retirement requirements but I have never been a federal employee in the past. I just wanted to make sure there are no "loop holes" to say. Keep the posts coming. I'll take all the info I can get.


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            As MILLER TIME posted, it appears TSA is looking for current 1811s to apply. This saves them money by not having to send them to training. Here is my two cents.

            If you are really interested in a Federal LE job, go to www.usajobs.opm.gov and register with the site. You can sign up and register to receive emails for all new positions available. You have to pick the series for example 1811 or 1801. You will receive daily emails with newly posted positions.

            Keep in mind, many but not all post on USAJOBS. For example, Postal Inspectors and Postal OIG do not.

            Good luck with the search.


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              Errrr....last time I checked, those jobs were all IA type positions......that investigated the mis-deeds of TSA folks......

              Perhaps they are looking for more folks since the Badges were issued....?


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                The ones I know are IA positions so I believe you are correct.


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                  Bearcat I had heard from someone else the same thing. If so, that would be kinda important for me.

                  Irishfed, thanks for the advice. I will sign up as soon as I finish this.


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                    Originally posted by Visindich View Post
                    I will sign up as soon as I finish this.
                    You did see in the annoucement that you have to already have FLETC or it's equivalent basic criminal investigator training to apply.......?


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                      you may

                      be on to something..........

                      EVERYONE is FORMER USSS.


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                        Bearcat, I did not see that. Thanks for the heads up. I did not realize that I needed FLETC under my belt for this. Oh well, I'll keep hunting for other opportunities. I was taking Irishfed's advice and signing up with USAJOBS to receive emails about positions that are offered. Thanks guys for all the help.


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                          TSA Position

                          Hey Visindich,

                          Where would I go to find the announcement on this position? Thanks in advance!


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                            Originally posted by Bearcat357 View Post
                            Perhaps they are looking for more folks since the Badges were issued....?
                            That's my guess!


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                              Originally posted by sgt14 View Post
                              Hey Visindich,

                              Where would I go to find the announcement on this position? Thanks in advance!
                              Sgt, www.usajobs.opm.gov and seach under TSA-08-0881.


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