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    Originally posted by future nyc LEO View Post
    question..... with the 20yr federal pension for LEO what is the pension like?
    For the feds if you're in a job series "covered" by the special LE retirement, you must work a minimum of 20 years in a covered job, and you get 1.7% for each of those years, calculated off the average of your three highest paid years (usually your last 3 on the job), and you get 1% for each additional year on top of the 20. You can retire with just the 20 required years in the covered job if you're over fifty years old, or at any age if you have a total of 25 years government service (including the 20 covered years).

    In addition to the annuity as explained above you're eligible to participate in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) which is the fed government equivalent of a 401k retirment plan. They have matching funds for you contribution up to the first 5% of your salary, and your contributions are tax deferred.

    Also, keep in mind when calculating your pay most GS-1811 Criminal Investigators (aka Special Agents), get Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP), which is an additional 25% of what is shown in the pay charts. However, you are expected to average 50 hours per week at work, vs. a normal 40 hour work week.


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      Originally posted by jb5722
      i was also told to apply for the air marshals and that although officially it is just viewed as another LE job, i've been told by knowledgeable persons that it opens a lot of doors for someone looking to get into 1811 positions.
      IMO and experience, there is no huge benefit to being a FAM when applying. I would not apply for that job just in hopes of getting a boost in the hiring process. One thing it does do for you is get you in a "covered" job, so if you're close to the age limit, and they can bring you on board before your 37th birthday, it will "stop the clock." Other than that I'd say take that job only if you have an interest in actually doing that job, not just to boost a resume. Heck, that's my advice for just about everything. Do what truly interests you, don't just try to check off certain things on a resume.

      Good luck.


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