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    Does anyone know what the living conditions are like at Artesia. I need to know if there is internet access so I can get a sprint or verizon card if not. I am just starting to get things together since the start of training is quickly approaching. Any response would be great.

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    There is wi-fi at the X, and there are a couple of computer labs with internet as well. However, all internet is UNGODLY slow at FLETC-Art... thanks to all of the YouTuber's, MySpace and FaceBook geeks.

    Yes, I have accounts (from when I was in university law enforcement) but I avoided them while there. Those who are prospective BPA(t)'s will catch hell from darn near every instructor there if they see/hear you talking about MySpace/FaceBook. You'll probably get it first as Sector when you show up for EOD, though.

    Just something to keep in the back of you mind when someone with collar brass asks the EOD group who has accounts.

    On the second part, make sure to check with Sprint/Verizon to make sure you'll have EVDO access while there if you're getting one of those cards. Cell service is o.k. at FLETC-Art, but there may not be coverage for the high-speed data networks from either company.
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      I never had to go to Phase I when I went through with the FAMS, only Phase II. But from those I met up with in Phase II that went to Phase I said that because the cell service was bad so is the internet cards. All of them said that the cards were useless at times. Most used the internet provided there on base.

      As for sleeping arrangements.....they said that they started out at 2 to a room but by the end they had 4 to a room, 2 bunks, because of the push of BP. And because that push is even stronger now with BP I don't see that being changed. But I could be wrong. When I was in ACY for Phase II we all had our own rooms in the hotel.


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        Get an All-Tell card. That is the best local service here and get the best reception with their internet cards. A couple of my classmates have them and they work well.


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          Do you know which of the major cell phone carriers has the best service out there? I have Sprint now and am debating whether to swithc it up.


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