I have not been scheduled for it yet but I am training for it. I am not much of a cardio guy but I have been testing myself m/f, based on their bench mark to pass the test (12 pts or more).

1. Push ups are a piece of cake to me (used to bench a lot)
2. Sit-ups I don't do so good. Those are hard on your back and most people I have talked to in the past have stayed away from it. Instead we do crunches, but i guess I just gotta get used to the form - Do shoulders must touch floor when going down?
3. 300 sprint I am improving my time slowly - now I get 0 pts (hey, that's better than -2
4. 1.5 mile run is the same as the sprint to me. I run while regardless if it rains/blows/shines here.

What is the order in which the PFT is taken (what's first, what's last)? Is there a rest period in between exercises?

How could one achieve better results? Is doing it everyday not such a good idea?

I won't even ask about retesting it 'cause I intend to pass the first time. Thanks!