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Same old question but I need help


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  • Same old question but I need help

    I know that everyone is asking this question and it may get old but I need to know if it is even worth applying. I got in alittle trouble a couple years ago and am paying for it now. I got busted with possesion of a controlled substance "anabolic substances", I didnt even use any of it. I know it doesnt matter when it comes to being a LE, I had it. I recieved a deferred aceptance deal and one year of probation. I was cut loose from probation after 9 months, they must have thought it was not nessacary. With this charge do I qualify for anything? I have no other prior dealings with the law or no drug use. Please let me know

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    Drug Charge = SOL


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      I understand it may be difficult or I may be SOL, but it was a misdemeanor. From my understanding with the deferred acceptance there will no conviction shown. But i realize all agencies will still see it. Ive talked to recruiters and they've said to go ahead and apply since it was a misdemeanor and will not be a conviction. I'm just looking for some kind of bright light among this.
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        You can always try but give it some time, years.
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          No harm in giving it time, a few years of solid work experience may help you.

          However, to be completely honest with you, a drug charge as an adult (whether it be misdemeanor or not) makes your chances pretty unrealistic. Remember, as a cop you will be in direct contact with narcotics and your past history has already shown you to be irresponsible in such situations.

          Integrity is the name of the game when it comes to your BI, you compromised your integrity and in my opinion I don't think a few years between you and your charge will change that.

          Don't get me wrong, we all make mistakes and have all done stupid things. You however got caught. When you get caught doing something wrong (and illegal) consequences of your actions can often remain for a life time. Now I don't think a misdemeanor drug charge is going (or should) haunt you for the rest of your life, however it may perminently prevent you from having a career in LE.

          P.S. If you want a "bright light at the end of the tunnel"......I can almost gaurantee that their are many LEO's that have some kind of similiar charge from back in the day. But BI's are getting more strict.....


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              When I first finished college I got a job conducting background investigations for attorneys, corporate clients, and even many police departments that outsourced their BI's.

              One of our clients was a food manufacturer (soup, baby-food) and would eliminate candidates (keep in mind this is unskilled, minimum wage) for any drug charges, even if it was a misdemeanor posession.

              Then you have police departments, school districts, and government agencies that would actually hire people with drug charges, given they were honest about it....

              Talk about a twisted system!!!!


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                Originally posted by Big Mac Attack
                Depends on what where you are I know this state just relaxed all the requirements on drug use becuse someone came up with a briliant idea to increase minority applicants and it was decided that it was not fair to expect a minority growing up in a urban area not to have used drugs such as COCAINE
                Holy cow ... accepting coke users? Geez I feel your pain, get ready for some good corruption drama in the local media in a few years.


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