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    Originally posted by Bearcat357 View Post
    1. Official title is "DOE Nuclear Materials Courier"

    2. It is GS-0084 series

    3. Here's a 4 page thread over at 911 about it.....one of the guys posting works the job.... Please don't go over there and respond to the thread. They will ax your question due to it being a "old" thread.....If you want to ask questions, you have to start a new thread. Oh....and 911 is now a pay site........but you can look/search for free......

    thanks for the link. They got some pretty high physical standards. No worse than 20/70 uncorrected already rules me out already!

    Oh yah and I heard about how those mods are over at 911.


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      Originally posted by megah_man View Post

      Oh yah and I heard about how those mods are over at 911.
      I post way different over there than I do here...... But...that's for another thread....


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        Originally posted by marcusindc View Post
        Is AMU any good? I'll be done with my AA in GenStud by the end of the year and planned on going to George Mason Univ for my BA. Maybe AMU would be a good route.

        I think its only for military, but I may be wrong


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          AMU is not only for military. I think it was back in the day, but its open to anyone. Its mostly active duty military, vets and spouses on there, but its a great school. Their programs offered there are pretty awesome, you wont find many of them anywhere else. Its fairly cheap and very military and tuition assistance friendly. Im working towards a BA in Homeland Security. PM me if you have any questions.


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            AMU is not just for military. Finished my BA Homeland Security 2 years ago with them. Went in with a general AA & finished in 18 months; 3 classes every 8 weeks got old though. They are cheap and most professor were at least good, some great.

            NNSA is a good job if you want to live in TN, NM, or TX; and be on the road. I applied, tested when i was single. The are some of the most professional guys/gals i've seen: great gear, great training. Their medical is crazy and EKG got my HR over 200! They are on the road a TON! Not sure how the pay is but i think base was about a GS7, but 60-70 hour weeks make the $ good (or better). If only they were out in the mountain west...


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              Originally posted by a cashew View Post
              what do you study to get a degree in counterterrorism?

              Jack Bauer 101?
              No such thing. Jack Bauer is an advance class. I'm taking it this fall!
              Don't tase me bro!!


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