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LE job with Type 1 Diabetes


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  • LE job with Type 1 Diabetes

    I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a couple of months ago. Thats the one that kids (and some adults) get and nobody really knows the cause. All I have to do is check my sugar couple times a day and take insulin before meals. Otherwise I'm perfectly fine and I'm in good physical shape.

    I'm 21 and I have a year of college left. Before this whole thing I was planning to go into LE. Do I still have a chance?


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    Interesting question, I have never heard of any one being medically DQ'ed from a LEO job for type 1 diabetes. However I have been in law enforcement for about 9 years and to my knowledge I have never met a LEO with type 1 diabetes. Do you have to take insulin shots, or is diet enough to keep it under control? My gut reaction is that you should be fine, but if it were me, I would contact the agency that you want to work for and ask a recruiter. Or contact the POST/MCOLES, certifying agency etc... for the state you want to work in and ask them. Each state has their own unique standards and qualifications for a LEO job.


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      No one can really tell you because standards will vary from agency to agency. However, the implications of diabetes as to one's job performance as a peace officer are discussed in great detail at: http://www.post.ca.gov/selection/pdf/Endo.pdf
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        i am a borderline/diet controlled sugar baby and have been in this buisness for 15 years. I have known others that were type 1 like yourself that have been doing this longer than me on the street and in jails. You will be okay.


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          worked with a NYS trooper that had an insulin pump clipped onto his duty belt, you should be good to go
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            Im a type 1.

            I was diagnosed at age 23 (im 27 now).

            I never had an issue with any LE agency so far...As long as you can show you have it under control and dont suffer any complications, you should be ok.


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              I am 32 and a type 1 diabetic. I have been a trooper for 8 1/2 years with no problems. I applied for the U.S. Marshals about 2 years ago, have gotten my conditional offer and have everything done but my fitness assesment. The DOJ and USMS have very strict guidelines. Your a1c must be below 7 and you must have excellent control. I am prior military and am in excellent shape but they wont clear me for my FIT test.You would not believe the hoops I had to jump through just to stay in the process. I applied with 2 friends and they have both been hired already. My appliction is waiting for a review panel before I can get my final offer. If you are going to try and go federal, its an uphill battle you wouldnt believe. I have never had any problems as a result of my diabetes in regard to work. Good luck.


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                I'm a Type 1 diabetic and take 4-5 shots daily. I've been an officer for 13 yrs now. Its a struggle and you must stay on top of your game. I get my A1C done every three months. I check my sugar levels frequently and always carry glucose tablets with me. The key is to know your body and listen to it!

                I currently serve on my agency's SWAT Team, Honor Guard and Bike Patrol. You can do anything you want you just have to be smart about it.
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                  Thanks for all the replies guys.


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                    Type 1 after an accident

                    I'm a type 1 federal cop who had an accident several month ago related to a hypoclycemic incident, I now have to go medical review board to maintain my job as a police officer.
                    I am looking for any officers who have had similiar incidents, close calls, where it has been diabetic related.
                    I am on an insulin pump with sensors.
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