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  • Polygraph Question

    I was looking online and saw the different sections for the polygraph for some FLE spots. One of them was Sexual Questions. I was curious what type of questions would fall under that? It mentioned that it asked about your orientation... is it just a "Are you straight? Are you gay? It said this was important to show you were honest about it due to worry about blackmail.

    Is that all? Or does it ask do you like animals? Dead people? Have you ever raped somebody? Have you had "illegal" sex?

    I didn't see any posts about this already, so I thought I'd put this up. Odd, I know, but I was curious.


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    I have never been asked about my orientation, but I have been asked about sex with: underaged persons, animals, and dead bodies.
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      i believe it's sex with animals, dead peoples, kiddie porn, etc.

      i doubt any agency would ask about sexual orientation. that's a huge liability.


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        When I did my first polygraph the question was, "Have you ever committed an illegal sex act?" The test showed a probability of deception so I had to go back and take a specific test for that question. It was broken down into several questions including, "Have you ever had sexual contact with a minor?", "Have you ever had sexual contact with an animal?", "Have you ever sex contact with anybody against their will?", "Have you ever had sexual contact with a deceased person?" Those are the only ones I can remember. I do know it took longer to hook me up to the machine than it took to ask the questions, so that might be all of them.
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          Originally posted by ask80 View Post
          i believe it's sex with animals, dead peoples, kiddie porn, etc.

          i doubt any agency would ask about sexual orientation. that's a huge liability.
 one I tell about my polys believe that they ask you these types of questions!! I just about fell out of my chair when I was asked about farm animals and my attraction to them on my first one! lol Hint....your reply should not be "Define FARM animals....?"
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            The last time I checked it's not illegal to be gay, so they won't be asking you any questions like that. The polygraph is there to find out what illegal acts you have done, that you have not fessed up to. The biggest part of the polygraph is to be truthful in all your answers. Don't hide anything. If you do have a reaction on the polygraph, but are telling the truth make sure you let them know that you are not lying, and do what you can to prove yourself.

            I mean, think about it, they won't polygraph you on your racial background, would they?

            Mr. Smith, are you african-american?


            Are you sure?


            Well the machine says you are lying, what do you have to say about that?

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              Originally posted by will0861 View Post
              The last time I checked it's not illegal to be gay
              I know this, and I'm not, but the site actually mentioned it. It basically was not worried about you being gay, as much as it was that you may have done something in your past that may be used against you later.

              If I find the link to what I read, I'll post it here.


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