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DOD Police How do you apply?


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  • DOD Police How do you apply?

    disregard, no interest
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    Google "cpol" (Civilian Personnel Online) and then click on employment, scroll down to "security/law-enforcement" and click search. It'll bring up most of the DoD police positions nationwide. If you don't have a resume already set up for the site (which I'm guessing you don't) it'll give u directions how to set one up and from there it'll tell u how to apply to the open positions.
    Hope that helps.


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      Just an FYI.....

      A. There is no such thing as "DOD" Police. All Civilian LE on military instillations is ran by the individual services....... Dept. of Army, Dept. of AF, Dept. of Navy..... Only thing that is close to being "DOD" is the Pentagon and NSA.....

      B. You can look/apply for all 0083 series (that's what they fall under) on USAJOBs website....... usajobs.opm.gov

      C. You can go apply at local bases with the Civilian Personnel Office.....I would call the local base operator (it should be listed in the phone book or find it online) to get the number....and ask them what you need to do.....as some want you to apply online....while others make tell you to come in. If you come on post, make sure you know what you need to get on post.....some require just a valid ID...while others want all your vehcicle info. If you are current LE, some of the contract guards are skiddish about letting you on with a weapon.....so just beware of that. If you do carry and they have issues, ask for a supervisor or an LEO....

      D. Good luck....
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        Yeah, my bad 1970k10. I meant "DoA police" positions.


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          I second what Bearcat says. I've applied to several DOA jobs in the area (didnt take any of the offers though) via usajobs. I think thats the best way to go about it. Though, not always the easiest!!
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