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Applying to departments while still a rookie elsewhere


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  • Applying to departments while still a rookie elsewhere

    Would it be bad if I applied to police departments while I just got hired on as a detention officer? By the time I would even enter the academy if I got hired, I would have been working for at least 6 months. Probably even a year.

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    I would go with, its ok to apply else where. The world is a tough place, you must see yourself through other endeavers to find the best place for you. Just try not to mention it to your current bosses/employer. If they get the idea you are leaving, they might block your potential with current job b/c they think, he's leaving anyway, he doesn't need _______(you fill in the blank, additional training, promotion, position opening in a sweet gig), or it might not have any effect.

    smile, knod, say "yes boss", and if you need a day off for processing with other agency, your taking the day off for someother reason but that.

    got it?


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      Wouldn't the current employer know that I've been applying to police departments when the department calls my current employer to verify info and what not?


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        It is probably safe to assume that they wouldn't be calling your current supervisor until they were pretty close to deciding to hire you.

        Does this department where you were already hired have a required length of service if they send you to an academy? Most places I have looked into require two to three years of service in exchange for a free trip to the academy.
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