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Who has the best Police Department?


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  • Who has the best Police Department?

    I wanted to get some feedback on different police departments out there.

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    Springfield PD


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      What's so good about it?


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        You question is too broad, too vague. How can you compare a 5 man small town police department's quality compared to say NYPD.


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          New York State Police.
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            Originally posted by tgmoore View Post
            You question is too broad, too vague. How can you compare a 5 man small town police department's quality compared to say NYPD.
            5 man PD in some small rural town might pay better than NYPD (actually probably does).....and you would have the opportunity to play detective....instead of being just a report taker wtih NYPD......get some decent equipment....and run calls/investigations all by yourself.......

            Or...with NYPD...you could get a hook and live out some of the best police jobs out there.....like ESU, JTF, Harbor, Aviation, etc......that you would never, ever get with a tiny agency....

            Just depends where you want to work....how much you need to live a decent live....and what all you want to do in your career.....
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              It really depends on what you want to do in your career and what your willing to go through to get it.

              Personally, I may be a little biased but......

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                Our dept is 30 officers strong, with only 5 specialized units:

                -Criminal Imvestigations Division (CID- 2x detectives)
                -K9 (1x dog)
                -Bike (3-4x officers)
                -Crash Reconstruction Unit (CRU- up and coming, 1-2x officers)
                -School Resource Officer (SRO- 1x officer)

                I love it though, not much opportunity for advancement, but hopefully we get more people and a bigger budget!

                On another note, I am getting into the CRU (Crash unit)! :-D
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