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    Does anyone know what kind of service weapon does nypd carry? Is this true that the cost of your equipment most be provided by you and the city does not provide you with anything.. What kind of stuff do you need to buy for nypd

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    Glock 19s are popular in NYPD. And yes you pay for almost all of your equipment.


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      Those forums list all the weapons that the NYPD issues to carry on duty and the weapons you can buy to carry while off duty, you should really try checking the New York section all the stuff is on there about the NYPD.

      The NYPD will only provide you with your duty weapon and your vest, you will have to pay out of pocket for your class A uniform and academy uniform and all patrol equipment along with patrol uniform be ready to spend anywhere between 2k-4k on uniform and equipment while in the academy.
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        Does nypd allow you to carry a glock 22?


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          Originally posted by mark025 View Post
          Does nypd allow you to carry a glock 22?
          No, 9mm only and .38 Spl for those grandfathered from what I have read.
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            I was just reading about the guns you can carry with NYPD and it sucks. I am a cop right now out in Vegas and we have a huge choice of what we can carry, they give us a list of guns we can buy 9, 40 and 45s.( they re embuse us after we get off FTO) I carry a Springfield XD 9 and love it, i also bought the sub compact springfield, because the mags can swap out. I was also thinking of getting a Keltec p-3at because its so easy to carry on and off duty especially when you are dressed. I am with a different agency now (former Metro) and we can carry anything off duty someone i work with carrys a 44mag.
            but i have a few questions
            Does NYPD also make you get a harder trigger pull for off duty weapons?
            I was also wondering about the duty belts, can you wear the ones with the velcro under belts and the buckles that click together or the regular buckle ones ( hate those) ? I have bought alot of equiptment for my own handcuffs and cases, asp, holder ,mag pouches but they are all basketweave.
            Just asking, my parents live on LI and because of there recent health problems i am thinking of going back to NY, i am going to test for NYPD in Oct, so i just want to get an Idea.
            and before anyone asks, No I didnt apply to SCPD, i was actually an explorer with them for 4 yrs, but i am 34 now and will be 35 in June so i will be to late, and i am not going to kid myself even when i was 18 i could not run the mile and half in 1230 or whatever they want.
            thanks for your help


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