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  • background question

    I have a guestion about my bacground and if will stop me from getting hired somewere. I will start with 1997 speeding, 1999 speeding, 2000 criminal mischief under $100 and in 2007 speeding. So just wondering if these things will keep me from getting hireded somewere or if I have put enough time between now and then.

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    The speedings, may or may not ... liability is always a concern ... but what was the final dispostition of all of this ... convictions? deferred?

    What was your age?

    Why did you do the crim misch?

    etc etc etc

    Each agency is different, and the answer is not one that is "Generally applicable"....

    I would guess there is plenty of time ... but have you matured and changed your patterns of "poor decision making" that some may label it ... or was it merely a "dumb juvy thing"....


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      I was 17 with my fist speeding, 18 for the secound, the crim misch was when I was 19. The crim misch I was dateing a girl her dl was sespended and she did not want her family to drive her car and so a pulled of the coil wire so it would not star. It turns out the car was in her mothers name and not in hers. So her mother called the police and the wrote me for the crim misch. I paid the fines on the speeding and served 24 hours and paid 100 fine for the crim misch.
      Tank you for the reply


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        Oh by the way I am now 27 and nothing but the speeding since I was 19. As for the matured I have matured since then I went to scool and am working on my degree got married and have three kids with one on the way. So I believe that it was just merely "bumb Juvy things "......


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          Originally posted by kam74
          Holy moly the grammar cops are gonna fry you like a catfish during Mardi Gras!
          LOL!!! i was thinking the same thing! i've seen some bad spellers, but man, your not even close. be careful on your applications! hopefully, you will not have to write a narrative. by the way, what is your education level? i am not trying insult you, but most background investigations paint a picture of you as a person and if you have negative incidents in your past as you have stated, you need other qualities to show that you have learned your lesson, matured, and have made productive progress. which in a nutshell means, if you take these negative incidents and couple them with a master's degree, the picture looks brighter. if you substitute food server for master's degree, well, i think you get the picture.


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            I am a semester away foran Associates in Criminal Justice.


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              the speeding shouldnt be too bad, as a cop your driving above normal speed limit as it is, if you had a lot of wrecks i could see it as a problem or if you had your license suspended due to speeding. lol i got 3 speeding tickets in one month three years ago and i still got all the way through the hiring process with the state.

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                Originally posted by kam74
                What school are you attending?
                I attend ITT Tech in Omaha, NE.


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