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Philadelphia Police Hiring Process


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  • Philadelphia Police Hiring Process

    Any philly cops familiar with the hiring process no how long it takes to get on and what the actual process is like. I just took the June 16th test, and I am currently waiting for my results. I know I passed with flying colors, that test was wayyyyy to easy. The reason im asking is that im trying to figure out weather I will be able to register for the spring semester at Penn State. Because, I know you cannot attened the academy and school at the same time. If it just so happens that the class starts in say march I will be forced to withdraw, and I would lose almost 5 grand in tuition. Ive already tested myself with the physical requierments, I go to the gym almost everyday, I don't do drugs, im not insane, and Im from a cop family so the oral will be like dinner conversation. I know I will get on everybody in my family is a cop both great granfathers, my dad, my bro, my sister, and my other brothers a NY cop so im at a bit of an advantage but our process is so tideous and I would just like a heads up of when I can expect all these test to take place.

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    There is no set timeline. The process is tedious for a reason. They need to weed out the criminals from the cops. If you are concerned about your tuition, I'd hold off for a semester then.
    I'd be careful going into the oral thinking it's a done deal. Plenty of cop family members get shown the door.
    The list when released will last 2 years. If you are, indeed in good shape and can pass the background, you have a better than average shot of getting in. Simply put, we are at dangerously low manpower levels and cannot get good recruits. You do the math. Good luck to you.
    "The streets of Philadelphia are safe...it's the people that make them unsafe"---Frank Rizzo


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      Also don't think that because there's "cop" running through your bloodlines you're a shoe-in. YOU have to be a selected to be a police officer.


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