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    Is anybody here a SME on PPL?? I know if you transfer from agency to agency while on PPL that is okay and you will be covered from any expenses. However what if someone transfer from agency to agency shortly after returning from PPL? Are they then on the hook for the agency contributions for health insurance during that period?

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    If you leave within 3 months of taking your PPL, you will be liable for all 3 months of pay you received while on PPL. At least at my agency, you either wait 3 months after coming back from PPL to go to another agency, or you will pay all salary + agency contributions you received while on PPL back.

    This already happened to a fellow agent. He got accepted an offer while on PPL. He left about 6 weeks after returning from PPL and was told he owes all pay he received while on PPL.


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      I don’t know where you see pay at. I’ve read the policy and it doesn’t include pay, just agency contributions toward health insurance. If you want to post where you got that from.?

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    Under the law, an employee may not use any paid parental leave unless the employee agrees in writing, before commencement of the leave, to subsequently work for the applicable employing agency for at least 12 weeks. This 12-week work obligation is triggered once the employee's paid parental leave concludes. The work obligation is statutorily fixed at 12 weeks regardless of the amount of leave used by an employee. An agency head must waive the work obligation if an employee is unable to return to work because of the continuation, recurrence, or onset of a serious health condition (including mental health) of the employee or the newly born/placed child—but only if the condition is related to the applicable birth or placement.

    If an employee fails to return to work for the required 12 weeks, the employing agency “may” (but is not required to) recover from the employee an amount equal to the total amount of Government contributions paid by the agency under 5 U.S.C. 8906on behalf of the employee to maintain the employee's health insurance coverage during the period of paid parental leave. This reimbursement provision may not be applied if the employee is unable to return to work based on the conditions that qualify for waiver described in the preceding paragraph. Also, this provision may not be applied if the employee fails to meet the 12-week work obligation for any other circumstance beyond the employee's control (see 5 CFR 630.1705(h)).

    here’s the link if you care to read the whole thing…


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