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Why is it that protection based police agencies have such a high turnover rate?


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    Part of it management sucks that's why. They're worried about coming after their own officers instead of the people that's really making the trouble. Not all but most. Also not being able to do traditional street cop work.
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      Originally posted by not.in.MY.town View Post

      Was it Djibouti, by any chance?

      I once arrested a beligerent drunk who claimed he was the "honorary consul of Djibouti" and threatened he'd "have my badge".
      You too?


      • not.in.MY.town
        not.in.MY.town commented
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        Yup. Small world.
        They never went after my badge. I'm not planning any vacations in Djibouti though..

      • CCCSD
        CCCSD commented
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        My SGT busted a gut laughing and “moved” him along…to jail.
        Guy never came back to the ghetto to buy drugs after that.

        I felt let down. We really wanted the International uproar.

        My Evil SGT even called the State Dept but couldn’t keep a straight face.

        Good times.

      • BNWS
        BNWS commented
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        Since the UN is in nyc we get some academy training on how to handle diplomats who commit crimes. The training wouldn't fly today but in the 80's the instructor said " You can't arrest them but nothing says you can't shoot them."

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      99.9% of the agencies are in the DC Metro area... Who in their right mind wants to live in that sh!zthole where everything is going up....

      As others have pointed out, in most of these departments management is crappy and most younger people want action packed jobs.
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      I don't answer recruitment messages....


      • Calitown
        Calitown commented
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        Yep..Most want it until they get it. Generally, its cool to be a partial beat cop when you don't have to be one 24/7.

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      Originally posted by ETX1811Hopeful View Post
      I am in the final stages with the USSS for the 1811 position. As someone who is coming from outside the law enforcement world, it seems like the easiest/quickest way to "stop the clock" and transition careers into federal law enforcement.

      In my experience, the reality of the job has been reiterated throughout the entire hiring process. At every step (SUPER, security interview, polygraph, home visit, and the various phone calls) the demands and hardships are made known to the applicant. You should have no false pretenses in accepting the job.
      It seems the comments above are regarding uniform DC jobs. Your 1811 time with USSS won't be nearly as bad as USSS UD, etc. Don't buy into the negativity of USSS. There's plenty to dislike about the agency but the impression anyone gets from this forum, that 99% of USSS agents leave, that it is pure misery, are often from people who just read that elsewhere on here or from a friend of a friend who has a cousin who works in DC. And I'm sure one of those guys will chime in right now and say "it is terrible and I WAS an Agent not word of mouth." Okay cool.
      Plenty of my friends have great careers with USSS and will be lifers.

      I've sat there eating pizza and drinking beer with my personal friends after the 6th day on a rally campaign talking about them getting to go home tomorrow, and then they get the notification they're being rolled, and sat there while they called their wives on speakerphone to tell them "you'll never guess what I just found out... ". Yeah, that sucks. Inauguration time sucks. UNGA is a time suck but can be cool depending on your assignment and nation. But most guys I know have more good than negative to say and the proof is in the pudding as they near the end of their phase 2 and have their eyes forward to phase 3 and the back half of their careers.
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      "90 years of tradition unhindered by progress!"

      honor first


      • OCN_1
        OCN_1 commented
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        SA side maybe… wouldn't say the same for UD.

      • ETX1811Hopeful
        ETX1811Hopeful commented
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        Thank you for this!

      • Ratatatat
        Ratatatat commented
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        They look down their noses at non-USSS 1811s during UNGA but on the last day, out come the business cards and a plea: "Next time your agency is doing a lateral hire, please let me know." This ain't word of mouth but repeated first hand experience...

      • battlewagon
        battlewagon commented
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        Oh no doubt Ratatat and from someone who has been around the block like you, I know you've seen it first hand. The flight from the agency is real, no doubt; some of the USSS SAs I shared a CITP class with when I was going through it for HSI, have since jumped ship to HSI. But it's definitely something that is parrotted by people who have just heard it, but may not have experienced it through actual agents.

        ETX, it's all relative. The campaign season is tough on those with families, but it's all relative because during normal years, I travel more than my USSS friends and family members in my 1811 gig. And I am in a non-protective role. A lot of the OT long hours stuff USSS does routinely, like my amigo who just did advance work for a trip overseas, is cake. If anyone knows about USSS advance work, then you know how much of a scam it is. Again, something people who haven't interacted with their SAs and only rrepat what they heard wouldn't know about. Advance work in some of the coolest cities in the world is probably one of the best deals in FLE. And at least you know when you're working the bad hours, you are cashing out in ways other 1811s will never know. Making SES pay when nearly every other 1811 will never see OT their whole career. Good luck if you're hired EXT, make the best of it.
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      interesting comments...


      • 1811_USA
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        I need to post that Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme “I’m just here for the comments”

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