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  • BEST FEDERAL Law Enforcement Jobs

    Out of curiosity what are some of the best fed law enforcement jobs out there or the most desired?

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    Its going to depend on the person who's in the job. ICE DO sounds like they have some of the better working hours, but be prepared to have repeat offenders be allowed to firebomb your place of work and face no repercussions (oregon).

    USSS and USSS UD: have a friend who works for them and hates it, halls and walls mixed with post duty. In DC you're effectively paid to watch paint dry.

    CBP/BP: if you're an outdoors type person you'll probably like BP. You will however be in the crosshairs of the vocal part of the public, since you'll be arresting illegal aliens for the most part. CBP you'll have to do your time reviewing pass ports and working entry ports until you can apply for the specialized jobs.

    FBI SA: will largely depend on where you work and what you work. I havent had any interaction with FBI agents to get an idea of what the pros and cons are of the job. Politics has inevitably had an impact on the agency.

    DEA: varies depending on the person. Its definitely one of the more dangerous jobs, and its a pain in the *** dealing with drug users. I can only comment on the subset of people you'll be dealing with not the job. This particular population will lie to you about every little thing, and engage in double speak constantly. They will say anything to you in order to be able to use drugs.

    Postal inspector position: this is a hard job to get and they haven't hired from a public announcement in years. From the ones who have posted on here who have the job, it sounds like they have a lot of freedom of what cases they can pick up. They can get involved in a good amount of cases, provided the mail system is involved.

    I'd post more, but I'm on my phone.


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      Originally posted by dangerr101 View Post
      Out of curiosity what are some of the best fed law enforcement jobs out there or the most desired?
      I posted this response to a similar question back in 2015. I think it still applies today:

      If you are talking about more of the "big name" 1811 agencies it depends on so many factors.

      If you are looking strictly at location, it would be which 1811 job gives you what you want in terms of where you live. The problem is most of the big name agencies (FBI, USSS, DEA, ATF, HSI, USMS) do not give you anywhere near what/where you want as far as location. Also you most likely will be stuck where they put you initially anywhere from 5-10 years.

      The good thing with those jobs is you will KNOW BFORE you commit to them (except FBI I believe) where you are going and can always turn them down if you don't like the location.

      Next factor I would imagine would be work schedule. A close friend of mine is a DUSM for over 10 years now. He rarely if ever works his LEAP, works 9-5, is off weekends and holidays, and gets leave when he wants it. I mention this because it's the most "consistent" big name 1811 schedule I've seen or heard about.

      Yes he is in court quite a lot and bored. But he does work warrants a few months out of the year also (longer hours usually). However, for the most part he controls his schedule and rarely has any "surprises".

      The reason I state this is (from what I understand) the other big name agencies do have "irregular hours" from time to time. You will work 50-60 hr weeks more often then you probably want. You will miss baseball games for kids and scheduled family dinners.

      Ultimately though, it depends on what you want to investigate and what agency interests you the most. As stated earlier, everyone will have something good/bad to say about a agency if you dig deep enough. Good luck.

      Also, to "Levithane," I work for DEA as a SA currently. I can only speak for myself as every agent is different but I have never investigated a person solely for using drugs. We investigate people typically moving very large wholesale quantities of drugs (think pounds). That being said, some of those people still use and even the ones that dont still lie constantly so your point still is accurate. Just wanted to clarify.
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        As for a good paying quality of life Federal LE gig it is had to beat ICE DO. Right now things are bad with the current administration but the far majority of DOs work M-F, Day shift with weekends and holidays off. Can take leave at will. Other perks include international travel and HIP (gym time on the clock). GS13 1811 positions will earn a bit more money but have a hard time for most beating the QOL factors I previously mentioned.
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          I'm not an 1811, but I've worked for a few former FBI agents, and I have interacted with a lot of active duty FBI agents in field offices across the country. One former agent left after two years because he was unsatisfied with the job...said the rookies were mainly used for grunt work, or as extra bodies when executing warrants. He got tired of that and left as soon as he could. Every other current and former agent I've worked with or for has expressed very high job satisfaction. I've never gotten into discussions with them about pay, location, etc...but they are all very mission focused individuals who love the job.

          I spoke with one current FBI agent at length about the job, and he cautioned that the job was definitely not for everyone. He said that some people who came from local law enforcement found the transition difficult. Instead of working short-term cases and making frequent arrests, you might work for years on a complicated multi-agency case. The pace and the types of cases are very different, and not just white collar stuff. This guy was coming from working counterterrorism. So the people who stick with it love it, but it's not the right place for everyone.

          That's probably true for every agency. You need to find the mission and job profile that fits you, and then you need to work to get the most out of it. Do you want to travel? Or do you need a more predictable schedule and office selection? Narrow mission scope, or opportunity to work different assignments and learn new things throughout your career?

          Other agencies I've heard very good things about, from current 1811's: NCIS, HHS OIG, Ed OIG, USAID OIG, USPIS


          • CoastalCop1811
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            Whatever you heard that was good about NCIS must have been lies. They are among the most miserable 1811 gigs.

          • PNW.CFE
            PNW.CFE commented
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            I'm sure there are unhappy people in every agency. The feedback about NCIS I received was from multiple current agents in different field offices, as well as agents at other agencies who have worked with NCIS on cases, again in multiple field offices. So all due respect to differences of opinion, but it wasn't "lies".

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          The grass is brown everywhere, fellas.

          A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the accordian, but doesn't.


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            Originally posted by Ratatatat View Post
            The grass is brown everywhere, fellas.
            True words right there. To the OP I’d say best is extremely subjective anyway, what are your looking for? One persons dream job could be another’s nightmare.


            • Ratatatat
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              Took nine years after signing up for you to drop a post at O.com. With that tempo, we await your second post to occur in 2030.

            • Jrc1896
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              Hell, I’m on a roll now, why stop?

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            Subjective and varies even within an agency. I took a US Probation job because I was told the work-life balance would be great. I left my last job because I thought my schedule and stress level would be better here. Now I often work nights and weekends and don't get paid extra for it. Always on call but no LEAP pay. Other districts are probably better about telework and scheduling. I can flex my hours occasionally. It's better than shift work, but I know 1811s who work a more consistent 9am-5pm schedule. I'm sure if I became an 1811, the grass wouldn't be as green as it seems from here.


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              Every IRS SA I know loves their job. They have a lot of freedom in picking their cases.


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                I strongly believe these jobs are what you make them In addition to what your personal life looks like. Another factor is being in a good office, there is no true way to tell unless got inside info. Its all a crap shoot honestly. U can be in a sucky location but love the ppl you work with. Overall, apply to every opening and weigh ur options wisely, you may only have one shot at it, who knows.


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                  The best Fed LE gig is the any one you can survive or put up with long enough to get retirement out of. Take your pick, hold on as long as you can and get the hell out.


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                    Zoo Police
                    I don't answer recruitment messages....


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                      Originally posted by NorthLions308 View Post
                      Its all a crap shoot honestly.
                      It really is. I worked for one of the [supposed] 'best' outfits and it sucked. Skeevy in nearly all facets and totally bankrupt when it came to institutional integrity. First-line boss was clinically psychotic, ASAC's leadership was fully compromised by substance abuse, and the SAC could not care less. Comaraderie and morale were practically non-existent, largely in part to an internal system of rewarding tattlers who reported on anyone with a critical opinion, just like the regime minders in North Korea.

                      Also worked for one of the [supposed] 'worst' outfits and despite being in stationed in one of the dirtiest and most violent big cities, it was the best move of my adult life. Co-workers were fun and supportive and first-line bosses were rock solid (mostly). There were some bumps here and there but never two bad days in a row.

                      The low dirty truth is the agency you work for is alot like who you marry, in the sense that she (or he) may seem like the ideal mate at the onset but over time, their true identity emerges and what you once considered beautiful can become very ugly...
                      A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the accordian, but doesn't.


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                        The best FED gig is one where you get great pay, you're in a great location, have a great supervisor, and have awesome work/life balance. Let me know when you find that gig.


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                          every Fed gig depends on the division, field office, RA, squad, SSA you work for. In the bureau, if you don't like your SSA...move to a different squad, or...wait till the SSA moves on or steps out of the position. Same for the ASAC...I have yet to see an ASAC stay longer than two years before checking the box and moving on. The rule in the bureau....everything changes, nothing is consistent and people move on all the time.


                          • KMAN1084
                            KMAN1084 commented
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                            And that's why the FBI is a good gig. The size of the agency, the global locations & the diversity of mission give you an opportunity to do a lot more than with many other single mission agencies. just my 2 cents.

                          • Kraut0783
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                            Absolutely, even the local/state TFO's have great opportunities for oversea travel.

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