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    Did anyone apply to the USAID 1811 position? Does anyone have insight to the agency or when applications will be referred/not referred?

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    I applied but other than the info from the posting, I have nothing to provide.


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      I went through CITP with a USAID OIG SA who had already been working for the agency in another capacity. He seemed pleased with the opportunities the job presented, and with the leadership at the time. Note that he had a military background, so he was used to being moved a lot, and going OCONUS for extended periods.

      Another of my CITP classmates transferred to USAID OIG shortly after graduating, and then left USAID OIG shortly after that and transferred to another agency. I don’t know all the reasons; I think having to move to a...challenged...region of the world was a factor, along with the family considerations that go with that.

      I’ve also spoken with a State Department DS special agent who has crossed paths with USAID OIG agents abroad; his take is that they are handed a crap sandwich without the bread by being tasked with investigating allegations of fraud in programs that purposely dump giant sums of money into the hands of corrupt governments with little framework for accountability.

      For sure, expect foreign postings in garden spots like west Africa, Haiti, and the Middle East. USAID doesn’t exist to “aid” the likes of Norway and Liechtenstein.

      EDIT: To add to what AGInvestigator said below, I am also under the impression that the 1811 workforce there is split between DC (with foreign TDYs) and foreign postings. Be sure you know for which job you’re applying.
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        Appreciate the information. Yeah I miss living overseas at times and thought this might be interesting. Glad to see someone has some knowledge.


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          I've also ran into USAID OIG Special Agents during the course of my career. They are a small shop and are split between Civil Service and Foreign Service agents. From what I understand, your civil service agents are based in DC with frequent TDYs while the FSO agents spend most of their careers overseas, Assignments overseas are longer than the 2-year tours DS agents generally do. I ran into one that was doing a 4-year tour in, what most would generally not call, a garden spot. Some people love this lifestyle, others hate it.
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