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Counter Intel Agent (35L) or Army CID (31D) reserves


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  • Counter Intel Agent (35L) or Army CID (31D) reserves

    Hey just looking to gain some perspective. I’m in the reserves looking to cross train. Which MOS in the reserve component will be more advantageous career wise? And realistically which MOS will allow for upward mobility (warrant officer opportunities/specialized schools) and will keep me competitive in the Fed LEO world currently very happy and comfortable in my 6C DHS position. But of course always looking to grow.

    Thanks for all the input! Stay safe.

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    31D would be the better option.


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      Sent you a PM.


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        NCG 128, I have been both 31D and 35L in the Reserves. Both are good MOS's with some neat opportunities for training and real world deployments. Both have good upward mobility to warrant....you just gotta find a good unit...that makes or breaks your time. Hit me up if you have any questions, happy to help.

        Looked at your profile, since your already a 1811, CI might be a better experience, something new and different.
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          CID by far if you are not a current 1811. If you are, it’s probably a wash.

          One of my mentors was 35L in the reserves. He did very little that was translated well to a civilian contracting job or federal LE he told me, despite being deployed to Afghanistan. He worked as a local cop and that was about his only option.

          if you were in a high speed unit like the 19th SFG, being a 35 series might stand out. But you’re still far better off being a CID agent.

          The CID MOS is going to open up far more doors for you in the LE world. I’d only go 35 if you wanted to do intel contracting and I’m not even sure it would help much. I enlisted as a 35F with a special forces group and couldn’t get referred for an intel analyst job to save my life, even with a law degree. It’s not helpful being a 35 series unless you get a deployment in my experience.


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            I can’t speak on the 35L MOS because I’ve never done it but I’ve been a reserve CID warrant officer for 19 years now and I also work in law-enforcement in my civilian job and CID has sent me to several schools that my civilian agency would never have sent me to. I will tell you however being a reserve CID agent is not a place that you can just hide out and never deploy, as I write this to you I am on deployment number five and we pretty much mobilize and deploy about every four to five years.

            Active-duty Army CID is so shorthanded the rely on the reserves a lot, in fact the location that I’m at now, it’s myself and one other agent that’s it.

            it’s a great gig for the Army, but it has a high op tempo. Good luck
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            • Winter_Patriot
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              Is a lot of protections details when deployed/mobilized? I met an officer who recently went over to CID.

              If I could do it over again, I'd definitely have gone CID and not 35-series in the National Guard. Colorblindness is something that DQ'd me at the time, but now I'm finding out that I could have probably taken an alternative test for the Army.

              I don't think being a part-time, never deployed intel analyst provides much of a boost for federal LE jobs. Especially not if you don't have veteran status. I eventually got in to federal LE based mainly on my prosecutor experience and I don't think my military background made any measurable difference. I'm married now though and not able to do a high op tempo. One reason I actually left the Guard recently was to better balance my civilian LE career and my married life.

            • DiverB72
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              Winter_Patriot, I would say on the reserve side the majority of the deployments tend to be protection oriented and those are certainly interesting and enjoyable and offer a lot of worldwide travel however my experience is more towards casework I have only done one mobilization for protection my other four has always been to do case work that’s really a nice thing about CID is if you make a name for yourself doing case work and expressed interest in doing case work you can get on those more often.

              Protection also can be brutally long days and I’m talking 12 hours on shift plus an hour on the front side to get the vehicle radio etc. etc. and then an hour on the backside so you’re looking at 14 hour day six days a week with one day off it can be pretty brutal at least on the casework side depending on where you’re at your days are a little bit more manageable timewise in my opinion. When I come back from this mobilization in 2022 I have about six or seven months to go and then I’m punching out, my wife has had enough of this now with being gone for the military frequently and of course I’m gone TDY quite a bit with my civilian job.

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            Are there civilian counterintelligence agents for the Army?


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              Edit: Information from a current civilian CI agent, they are heading toward being an armed 6C covered position in the very near future.
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