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NYC Correction Investigator (Civilian)


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  • NYC Correction Investigator (Civilian)

    Good afternoon everyone,

    There was a recent announcement that the NYC Dept. of Corrections is doing a massive hiring of Investigators (civilian) to their Investigation division (ID) to investigate acts of misconduct allegedly committed by agency personnel such as: excessive use of force, undue familiarity with detainees, firearms regulation violations, erroneous discharges, escapes, improper outside employment, and any other on or off-duty conduct unbecoming a member of the Department, or of a nature that brings discredit upon the agency. In addition, the Investigation Division is charged with investigating allegations of sexual assault committed by staff and/or detainees.

    Salary is $58,167.00 +

    Vacancies is approximately 25 investigator slots with more openings in the foreseeable future.

    All NYC DOC Investigators receive special patrolman status (Peace Officer) and pistol permit issued through NYPD.

    Overall seems like a great opportunity for anyone to get there feet wet in Law Enforcement.

    *Feel free to add or include positive or negative feedback about the job.

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    Recruiting IA right off the street. No agenda there. Even get a shield and gun…


    • NYC1175
      NYC1175 commented
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      Yeah, you should definitely apply. Maybe you can finally lock in an LE gig and come back to the forum to give some BTDT advice on something.

    • CCCSD
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      And your point is what now?
      Unlike YOU, I’m OTJ.

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    I had an opportunity to be a civilian investigator for the Seattle Office of Police Accountability. I declined at the time. In hindsight, it was definitely the right decision. OPA (and similar agencies) are highly politicized. Officers feel like it is a witch hunt. Whether that is true or not, that's the perception. I think you might close other traditional LE doors if you start off as an internal investigator like this.


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      I don't know much about this position, as I have never worked for NYC DOC, but it sounds super political, and is not likely to gain you any respect in the LE community. I would avoid it if you have aspirations of moving into other fields of LE. Don't get me wrong, IA type positions are necessary as there are certainly LEOs who violate the laws, but hiring a civilian with no LE experience off the street to have them investigate sworn officers is a terrible idea. There's a reason that in my department, like in many others, IA is a mandatory short-term rotation that all detectives have to do at some point. While, again, it's necessary to an extent, the type of officer who would seek it as a career is not the type of person I want backing me up.


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