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  • Looking Out-Of-State

    Since Michigan is dying, literally, I'm looking in surrounding states. Will any states in the mid-west accept my Michigan academy training? I'll take the state's laws training, no problem. \
    Most have told me I can lateral transfer after I have a few years of road experience. The problem is, I can't find anywhere to get that road experience. You know, the old "Can't get a job without experience, and can't get experience without a job". Right now I'm working as an armed security guard at a military instillation.

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    I am a certified PO in MI with over 7 years experience. I have looked into moving out of state. Every state I have looked into requires at least one year of full time road experience before they will accept Michigan training. The best advice I can give to you is to apply to a large agency that will put you through an academy. Without actual police experience you will have to go through an academy in whatever state you move to, so you might as well get paid to go through the academy.


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      I'm in Ohio, just graduated college, and looking for a LE job too. Just to let you know, a lot of agencies in Ohio are the same as MI (not hiring or cutting officers). You can try Columbus, they hire once or twice a year.

      Also, I've heard that Indianapolis hires about twice a year too.


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        Your best bet would be:

        Columbus P.D.
        The Highway Patrol
        Franklin County S.O. (My outfit. We hire about twice a year. Once if times are lean.)
        Hamilton County S.O.

        All are large, and will probably have the best opportunities for you. My friend in Arkon, my advice to you and Michigan is to seriously consider moving out of state if you want to be LE and cannot get on with the above agencies. LE Opportunities in Ohio are not much better than Michigan right now.

        Sad but true.


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