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    Looks like Army CID is now hiring civilians.


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    I thought that CID always had a few civilian 1811s. I remember reading a few years back that the Army had introduced an enlistment option that would allow recruits to go in as a 31D, if they met some basic education requirements. Not sure if that program still exists.


    • Levithane
      Levithane commented
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      Yes the program still exists. Source: I was going to enlist as a 31D, however I was presented another opportunity instead. MEPS took too long whether or not to approve of my Lasik surgery.

      The process goes: meet with a recruiter, inquire about the CID program, then start filling out the various forms. Theres a number of CID specific forms you have to get, along with getting 3 to 5 character references.

    • SFTB26
      SFTB26 commented
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      I wasn’t aware. I went through the entire 31D enlistment option for recent college grads but went with another option as well.

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    The civilian 1811’s in Army CID were mainly procurement fraud investigators with a small percentage of sex assault investigators. The vast bulk of Army CID people were enlisted uniform agents.

    After the Fort Hood Congressional Investigation, Army CID will have an appointed civilian director like NCIS. There will be a mix of civilian agents and enlisted uniform agents. This will be somewhat like AFOSI. A lot of press has been kicked out about this decision. They are hoping the civilian 1811’s can provide experience/continuity and build relationships with local/state/fed agencies. They don’t have any idea about the exact numbers yet. Obviously, hiring, training, paying civilian 1811’s is expensive from a budget perspective. They are going to use this new model at Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, and Fort Carson first. From there they probably make adjustments and continue to develop the system. Will be interesting to see what happens!


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      This posting is for MPFU, all fraud. It’s a good springboard to DCIS or other OIG type of gigs. As far as the changes coming to CID, most of them are a good idea and when I was on the conference call about it last week, the message was “we are still trying to figure it out and it’s going to take time”. Also as someone else mentioned, budget is always in play. I will retire most likely in 2022 before I see any large changes


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        Army CID has less than 250 1811s with the vast majority with 701st MP Group (CID) with Procurement Fraud or Computer/Cyber-crimes. Their are few 1811s assigned to the field as Sex Assault Investigators (SAIs). Almost every Army CID 1811 I've met was prior 31D/311A from Active Duty.

        Edit: Additional 1811 MPFU postings for Colorado Springs, CO and Raleigh, NC.



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        Winter_Patriot , MPFU loves to see CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) on the resume. If your not one already, I would suggest taking the course and paying out of pocket to take the exam.



        • Winter_Patriot
          Winter_Patriot commented
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          Great advice, I'm going to do that. My long-term goal is to work on fraud cases. I'd like to end up with an OIG somewhere but they don't seem to hire entry level very often. Do you think the CFE certification is more valuable than me taking a few community classes in accounting?
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        • DiverB72
          DiverB72 commented
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          I'd say do both. Heck even if you did the accounting classes online at your own pace is still great resume fodder. I do know one guy who got off active duty CID and went to MPFU, and he did pay for his CFE courses and exam. I think he said he went to some hotel convention center where they basically taught you the courses and at the conclusion of the third day he took the exam. Either way the CFE definitely helped him land the MPFU spot. Good luck

        • Bigblue07
          Bigblue07 commented
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          I’ll throw in some information here. Basic community accounting classes really don’t teach you much. You’d be much better off going for some forensic accounting specific classes. I’m sure community colleges have a certificate or something in this field. On another note, if you are taking at least 9 (if I remember right) semester hours, you can get the student package for $400. That’s some pretty good savings. The exam itself isn’t hard. A couple of hours a day for ten or so days is all it takes.

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        Single 1811 vacancy announcement for Boston Fraud Branch Office (Ft. Devens, MA).

        Link: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/602570000


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          Current Fed LE. Applied and was rated eligible for GS-9, however was not referred for both Colorado & Raleigh. Expected outcome as I’m not a current service member, but sucks nonetheless because I’m trying to jump ship ASAP, haha.


          • F Cas
            F Cas commented
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            If its okay to ask, what agency? I have a few questions since I am heading to FLETC. OCN_1

          • OCN_1
            OCN_1 commented
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            F Cas PM’d

          • Forester87
            Forester87 commented
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            I was actually referred to both locations from that announcement, and also the one in Irvine, CA. I don't think that current service applies to these openings.

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          The Army CID Page is now alive! Thanks to the folks who submitted content suggestions; much appreciated.


          As it stands, the special agent resume elimination rate is still approximately (50%) due to "skinny" resumes that contain insufficient data. I have written extensively about this topic for all the hopefuls on this site who do not appear to be getting any traction (hint hint).

          Good luck to all.

          -SA Blog


          • Winter_Patriot
            Winter_Patriot commented
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            That is good to know. I don't know if AFOSI is different with the skinny resume issue, but I've not had any traction with them yet. Even though I thought my resume was overly-detailed.

            I read your page. I didn't realize that Army CID didn't do CITP at FLETC. Do other agencies recognize the CID Special Agent Course as being equivalent to CITP?
            Last edited by Winter_Patriot; 06-02-2021, 09:51 AM.

          • 9L81
            9L81 commented
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            Good to see someone is putting some information out about how to make a good federal resume. I spend far too much time explaining it to people I am recruiting. I'll just start telling them to read your blog.

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          The resume elimination rate appears to be consistent for the most part since the same applicants apply to several positions with same deficient resumes. All agencies have to follow OPM rules.

          SA Blog
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          • Anthropologist
            Anthropologist commented
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            Excellent. Thanks for getting that information!

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          Single (TERM) 1811 vacancy announcement for Colorado Fraud Resident Agency (Ft. Carson, CO).



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            Just FYI, Army CID does send civilian new hires to FLETC for CITP.


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              MPFU 1811 vacancy announcements for Sacramento, CA (2), Rock Island, IL (1), and El Paso, TX (1).

              Link: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/605337200


              • Winter_Patriot
                Winter_Patriot commented
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                Thanks for posting. I wish I was competitive service or considered a veteran. I'm excepted service and was in the National Guard. Close but not quite enough.

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              N/A deleted.
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                I've been getting referred to all of the recent Army CID positions. I'm not going to hold my breath about getting selected, but it's definitely nice to know that my resume is making it through the initial screening.

                EDIT: Has anyone been contacted yet about these announcements?
                Last edited by Anthropologist; 06-29-2021, 04:18 PM.


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