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  • (GS)Civillian to LEO(GL)

    Buddy works for CBP as a non-leo gs 7 step 6 and made BQ for BOP as an officer at GL 5 and GL 6.

    wants to know what garde and step he would come on as. HR says wait for job offer. Cant find any straight guidance online.
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    Not counting locality since we don't know where he works

    A GS 7/6 makes $43,954

    He would get hired on as a GL 5 step 7 or 8. GL 6 step 5.

    They normally just give a match on salary or get close to it.

    He is should just be going for CBP Officer where he will top out as a GS-12. BOP you only get a GL7 and compete for an GL8. GL9 is for the specialized spots IE Recreation, etc...


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      So if they simply match his pay, does that mean he is not entitled to law enforcement pay? Gs 7 step 6 equals gs 6 step 10 hence the GL6 step 10? should it be like gl 6 step 10?


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        That would be my interpretation.

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      Many times when hired (under pay matching) they will not place you at a lower grade/ step that would entitle you to a higher step at the previously held grade.

      Example - A GS 9/1 takes a GS 7 position. Pay matching could mean starting as a GS 7/7ish but if FPL of the new position is GS 9 or higher once promoted from GS 7/7 to GS 9 (using the two step method) would make him a GS 9/3. Since this is higher than the previously held 9/1 it is unlikely that Hr would bring on the applicant at 7/7. He’d most likely EOD as a 7/5 which would become a 9/1 upon promotion. If the new position tops out at the lower grade then yes many times they will try and match the pay.

      As to the OPs question.. It is quite possible that he will be brought on as a GL 6 step 7. Once promoted (using the two step method) back to GL(GS) 7 he would return to step 6. Anywhere above a GL 6 step 7 would entitle him to a higher step than previously held. This is how my agency operates.
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        Thank you all. If there any pay policy or specific guidance you can quote? Any HR people on this forum that can help?


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