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    How this job works since its similar to the contract BI work. I can comment on the gist of this. Federal BIs generally have better pay, issued a car, and their badge is somewhat different. Certain interviews are categorized as a certain point value. There are expectations to get a certain amount of testimonies/records per day. This was much easier pre corona virus. Now it takes weeks to get a record from an employer/school due to remote work. Your work goes to review to make sure all bases are covered. As far as the wrong person getting cleared, yeah its possible, but its not necessarily due to the BI not doing their work. What's causing issues is that a lot of things are having to be written off after numerous attempts, again this is due to corona virus. Meaning BIs are making necessary attempts at the persons employer, references but are coming up dry. Adjudicators are the ones who ultimately decide if someone is cleared or not.

    The one problem you will run into jobs like this, is being mistaken as a federal LEO. That's because the public generally thinks agents are always wearing suits with their badges and guns (this isn't true obv). You'll also run into people who are just scared and terrified of the thought of someone showing up with a badge at their door. For instance I had a guy call police on me despite being polite, and stating I was just asking about his neighbor who was in consideration for a position requiring a BI (its routine for investigators to ask around, but the general public isn't too aware if this). Anywho the police flagged me down, ran my license, and let me go after I explained everything and showed my credentials. If you dont like the idea of public interaction, writing reports, and in some cases going to bad areas unarmed the job is more than likely not for you.

    Can positions like this lead to other opportunities, possibly but networking is key in that regard. Its going to be dependent on how you market yourself. Ive found the experience has helped me articulate answers to panel interviews, some interviewers may like your experience, while other people who you talk to just flat out won't like you or your experience (your success will vary based on who interviews you).
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    • wantstobeaSA
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      Exactly! Thank you! DCSA 1810 is more like a fact checker/paper pusher position. It is not a real LEO position for anyone expecting LEO advantages/experience/training.

      You won't be armed
      You do not receive Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) of 25% over your base salary, and
      You do not go to a law enforcement academy

      Also, it is also true that 1810s can lead to LEO- 1811 positions but it depends at that point on the panel interview. I have had interviewers who did not like that I was a veteran and therefore I did not get hired. This job is a stepping stone for sure but not a great experience in my opinion.
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    Is there any TDYs as a Fed?


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      Anyone have a timeline on the process after a referral? Thanks!


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        Thanks for the detailed information.
        regards, business site link


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          Interviewing this week, anyone else or have recently?


          • Datemike
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            Zbaibyu How did the interview go? I was referred recently, but haven't heard anything yet.

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          Anyone have a timeline from hearing back once the interview is complete? Thank you !


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            how did it go ? i did my interview with the SSA last week here in Tampa. it will be a pay cut for my self if i take the job because its offered at GG-9. Although during the interview i was told they can step me out since i have experience but we will see. I guess working remotely and having a GOV would make the pay cut not so horrible considering gas prices.


            • Eliteforce
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              Is this your first fed gig?

            • dom_v
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              yes. Ive done contracting and military but no Govy yet.

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            Was disappointed because i thought the interview went really well, but i got a email stating they chose to hire no one for the opening.. Now they have reposted it so i reapplied to see how it goes this time.


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              Does anyone have any knowledge about the DCSA Industrial Security Specialist job? I know what is asked of them but more along the lines of work life balance, typical day, tele work etc.

              Thank you,


              • Levithane
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                Think of a desk job where you are processing security paperwork, doing security recommendations, briefings, and I think they are the ones who also adjudicate background cases. All of the jobs seem to be up in Maryland, and as far as I can tell you have to report to the designated facility in an office. Can they telework? I'm sure its a job where it's possible, they more than likely did during covid. If you're dealing with SCI you'll definitely be reporting to a facility. You're generally working 8 hour days (bankers hours), and there's overtime when it is needed. In the administrative arm of the govt I have never seen mandatory over time, they can ask but you have the ability to turn it down.

                How hard is it to get the job?, I assume veterans are the ones who usually are in front for jobs with DCSA because it is apart of DOD, fairly easy transition. You also have to have working knowledge of DOD guidelines, JPAS, BI cases, adjudication cases, facility security procedures, and how certain types of information is handled. I have 2+ years work experience with DOD BI's and haven't gotten referred once. The only times I have seen people get into industrial security or personnel security is through military experience or working Security Clearance investigations (had two co workers transition to personnel security for contractors).

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