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To all Federal SA/LEO hired straight out of college


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  • To all Federal SA/LEO hired straight out of college

    I hope all of the following makes sense to everyone. I have a question for you. What exactly did you do that got you the job straight out of college (of course by first going through all the phases)?

    My real question is this. I'm a full time student in college. As everyone would agree, grades are very important. I put a lot of focus onto my studies, so there is not much time for work, or "experience." So, what kind of experience did you all have that had gotten you the job working for the Federal Government(special agent or federal police) or even regular state and city LE? I'm sure the federal government would like to see a lot of experience on a resume, but what kind of experience is it possible to have if you were a full time student?

    Could you also have just been hired because of the degree you had received from college...if you had very little experience relating to the job?

    I'm not complaining about anything. I have a job, its just that my current job has nothing to do with LE. I just don't think anyone would want to hire a person into a LE(non-sworn of course) related field if they wouldn't be able to work more than 20 or so hours per week? SO I would just like anyones opinions if you can give any as to what kind of experience I could try to get or any ideas. Thanks.

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    20 or so hours per week sounds ideal for a reserve program. Many only require 16 hours per week to stay active. This might not do much to accomplish your goal of obtaining a Federal LE spot straight out of college, but it will move you up on the list for local PD's, which will put you on the track for Federal LE.

    Disclaimer: I'm not federal LE, I was only local.
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