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Trying to become a cop in Arkansas


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  • Trying to become a cop in Arkansas

    Hey all.

    I just wanted to post this here.

    I moved to Missouri from California about a month ago, last week I turned in some applications. Yesterday I got a call from a chief of one of the departments in Arkansas and had an interview today. I have about 10 years of experience, but none sworn. I was an explorer for 4.5 years, worked security for 2 and then worked as a Tribal Ranger on a Federal Indian Reservation for 3 years. We were the only law enforcement on the reservation and the only ones who patroled it and responded to calls. If a crime occured, then, under Public Law 280, the local SO would have jurisdiction. But we were the only ones there 24/7, we had powers of arrest over native americans only on the reservation on-duty.

    The chief said he has to looking to working in one state (Arkansas), and living in another (Missouri), but it looks promising. He is seemed concerned that the only ties I have to the area is my Fiance, and if she looses her job than I would have no place to live, and we would have to move. But that is not likely. The people she works for love us, so no worries there, plues I love it out here, I would just see if I could get a house out here. I want to stay out here no matter what.

    I think he wants me, at least it seemed that way, but said it is not up to him, he lets his supervisors decided on who gets hired, becasue HE does not work with the patrol staff, they do. Which I thought was cool. Its a small dept only 10 officers.

    He pretty much told me that I would be working night shift, and I would be assigned a unit, not a take home, but assigned none the less, and I think it would be a 1998 CVPI as he said it was the oldest they have. He also said that I would have to go through the academy a min of 3 months, then I will be a "trained officer" then after a year I will be certified.

    But it all depends on if the state line is a problem, but if it depends on residency, I have a PO box in the state, so I can always get a AR state license, based on the PO Box, I have seen it done before, so I am hoping that will be the Loop Hole if it comes down to it.

    I looked up on the Commissions website today, and there is no requirement that states that I have to live in the state. It also says that I have to have a Valid Drivers License, not even mentioning that I have to have one ISSUED from THAT STATE. So it looks pretty good so far, I just hope my credit will not be an issue, but people make mistakes, and I am still paying for them, but in time.....

    Here is the website...http://www.clest.org/regulation_1002.html

    But for now, it seems like I maybe in, just have to go for another interview infront of the "board" of other officers and do background.

    ALL equipment is issued, from uniforms, belts, gear, and firearms, which is suprising seeing how it is a very small department.

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