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2210 to 1811 Computer Forensics/Investigation, Possible?


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  • 2210 to 1811 Computer Forensics/Investigation, Possible?

    Anyone seen it - is there a path?

    Current 2210 with all the DoD 8570/8140 CompTIA Certifications, yet before federal was in probations/corrections/4 year criminal justice degree.

    Would love to combine the worlds and get into 1811 Computer Investigation type of position. 1811 is the right job code I should be looking at, right? Has anyone seen such a leap?

    Anything I should be concerned about with this job series?

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    All 1811's (Criminal Investigator/Special Agent) have an age cut off of 37 (saw that was an issues in another post), and getting into a Cyber gig isn't always a for sure thing. But, most federal agencies have non-sworn computer forensic people, FBI has Information Technology Specialist - Forensic Examiner GS 7/9/11/12/13. Many work at Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) program https://www.rcfl.gov/

    Just something to think about.
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      Most 1811 jobs assign you to whatever the agency needs. You can’t really get a guaranteed career path unless you go for a non-1811 job. At least from what I’ve read and seen.


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        You're most likely going to get voluntold what to do as a new hire (this is with any agency). Your certs will look good on a resume, and probably help you land an interview.


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          I have seen a couple 1811 jobs over the past few months that were specifically targeting for digital forensics investigation positions. I for sure saw it pop up for positions with CBP and CGIS. Army CID has DFEs as well that open up every once in a while, but take it from me, as an agent that had previously worked at Fort Hood and has left the agency, until the agency fixes itself, it's not a good place to be in right now.

          As far as finding DFE gigs in the federal government, I keep saved searches on USAJOBS for "Digital Forensic", "Digital Forensics", and the 1811 series job code. Air Force OSI is also looking for applicants with cybersecurity experience specifically to fill special agent positions needing that expertise, but it's just one announcement for special agent positions, with experience in various disciplines.


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