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Feeling out Background investigation packets


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  • Feeling out Background investigation packets

    A Friend mine who is a former cop out of California and a co-worker of mine has been pushing me to apply for police officer in the local Police departments in the Phoenix Metopolitian area.

    I am currently a Security officer at the County hospital in Phoenix, I have worked there for almost nine years.
    My on the job duties are similiar to what cops do on the streets (except no arrest powers) and cause of my training (Fireams, Taser, ASP and Defense tactics Training) and on the job experience (Interaction with the public and dealing with criminals, drunks, drug addicts and the mentaly ill) I feel I have reached my limit at my current job and I feel I need a more challenging job and I think the next step for me is to join a police force.

    I need some advise on feeling out the background investigation packet.
    Everyone knows that they want to know everything about you on paper.

    Is it a get idea to go to the local police departments records department in the city I live in and get a file on myself about everytime I have had contact with a Police Officer including on the job contact?

    The second question is similiar to the first question except that I want to get a police file through AZ DPS on everytime Have been stopped by DPS for traffic violations.

    The reason I want to do this is to have all this info documented in my background packet and so they think I am not hiding anything from them.

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    If you are not the subject of the investigation, your prospective employer really doesn't care that you were contacted. With that being said if you can't remember all of the times you have been the subject of an investigation/traffic stop, I think you might have some other issues that will make it difficult to become a police officer. I'm not saying you won't be hired, just that it might take a long time.

    To answer your question, if you can't remember all of the times you have been stopped/investigated then by all means obtain the records.
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      Go to:

      This will give you a general idea as to what will be asked on the background.
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