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Looking to make the switch from BP to OFO, but need some help.


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  • Looking to make the switch from BP to OFO, but need some help.

    I'm currently a BP agent and I'm looking to potentially switch over to OFO. I know the process (look up staff directory and try to get the MSS or Port Director of the certain POEs I'm interested in. Send in my resume, SF 50, and a memo stating the reasons I wanted a lateral), but the problem I'm having is I don't seem to have have access to the staff directory for OFO on CBPnet. I've had a few coworkers who have made the switch through this process, but they only got access to the contact info for the MSS/PDs through the grapevine which by the time I got access to that info, I was rejected because they picked up too many BPAs already by that point. Anyone know how to get access to that information by any chance? I've tried looking around CBPnet quite extensively and haven't been able to find it yet. If so, send me a message and we can swap govt emails.

    I'm not picky where I end up as long as I'm not on the southern border again (northern border is a different story since up from the north originally). I have my reasons for wanting to make the switch (family) and have thought this out extensively. I've read all the cautionary tales about BPs who made the switch and dislike it so I don't need advice on that side of things as I've already considered it. Just need help with finding the information.

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    You might want to try the delphi forum, its OFO recruiting and hiring info only:

    Or do what most of us at AMO do, pick out the OFO location you want to work at, take a few days of AL and fly up and go meet the port director, give him/her a resume, sell yourself and see what happens. Most directors will remoember someone who took the time to go meet them in person and it allows them to put a face with a name.
    I've gotten two jobs that way. Its not an overnight process but sure works. Good Luck


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      I made a post on there quite a while ago, but didn't get much help unfortunately. I suppose I could look into doing that since I have a bunch of time saved up I need to burn. Definitely not expecting an overnight process as it is the fed govt and nothing is fast with it. Thanks for the advice.

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