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  • Switching from Local to State

    Hey all,

    I had a question that I hope someone from a state agency would be able to answer. I applied to a state agency awhile back and received an interview recently. I currently work for a local agency and just got slapped with an IA (so far, I have no clue where things are going, being left in the dark). My question is if the state agency processes me, would I have ANY chance of passing a background investigation right now?

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    I think it really depends on what the IA is for. Untruthfulness will always be a DQ. Look at the requirements on the job announcement, you may get your question answered. If anything, be honest if asked about it. And, if the IA started after application/interview, let them know when it’s appropriate.

    If you’re a cop then you know being honest usually works in your favor.


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      Definitely not a question of integrity. Just waiting on a reply at this point as to what kind of punishment.. But thanks for the advice, I wanted at least a second opinion on whether or not it would be wise to continue in the process whilst still being under IA.
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        Not sure your agency policy, but discussing the IA might be a violation in itself. I’d wait til its all over and let them know or if they ask.

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      No one at the agency you are applying with is going to make a decision until the IA is completed and a finding is made. Even if the IA investigators were tell your BI that this is a humbug complaint that's going nowhere and you will be exonerated, no one at the agency you are applying with will make a decision until they see the IA finding in writing.

      Now, reading between the lines, it sounds like you think you may have stepped on your johnson and you feel like whatever it is may be sustained. OK, we've all had one or two (or more) of those, so the next question is, how badly? Was this a minor slap on the hand thing or did you give yourself a second Bris? If you were doing someone else's background and this came up, does it meet the criteria for DQ? How about the rest of your package? If you have a strong and positive history, a little oopsie might be overlooked. OTOH, if you have relatively little time on the job, average performance reports and nothing spectacular to offer, they might pass on you. Only you (and the Shadow) know.
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        Thank you all for the insight, I appreciate it!


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