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  • Physical Agility Help PLease

    Hi all,

    I am going to take my physical agility test on June 14th and I need some help for the final prep

    The test consists of situps, pushups, and a timed 1.5 mile run.

    I have no problem with the pushups...and although the run time is not what Id like it to be...it is a passing time...

    The situps however is a different story. I need 38 in a minute. When I first started several months ago i could barely get 20 in a row....I can now do just short of 50 without stopping. The more I practice, the more situps I can do...but my speed does not increase. I have yet to get 38 in a minute....i can do them...just not that fast.

    I have an extremely large frame...and I would consider myself to be in better than average shape. But my size becomes a problem (52 inch chest with muscular upperbody)...the added weight of my frame alone slows me down alot!

    Are there any suggestions for increasing speed?!? I have wanted this job since I was a kid and it would kill me to let it slip though my fingers for something like this! this test is all that is standing in the way! Thanks

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    I'm in the Army so I have done a lot of sit-ups. Best advice I can give you to save time. When you go back fall back fast, let gravity pull your heavy upper body to the ground, do not waste time and energy allowing yourself to gently lower your upper body back down. Also you can try widening your legs apart, that allows you to use some thigh muscle along with abdonimal muscle. But the best advice is to keep doing sit-ups regularly. Good luck to you.


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      i agree with the previous poster. let gravity pull you down and see if you'll just bounce back up quickly, but still making sure that your hips aren't leaving the ground so they are "countable" sit-ups


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        You have to train for the method they are requiring. If they want hands clapsed behind you head with someone holding your feet then train that way.

        On test day you will be so pumped you will do 5-10 more than you normally do anyway.

        Just keep knocking em out... You still have a couple of weeks to add to your current total.


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          yea i have the same type of test tomorrow ... my problem is the pushups i can get to 27 but never to the 29 needed .... do they allow you to rest in the up postion for pushups? i can do the 27 in like 35 seconds... do u have to go the full 1 minute? or u can stop once you hit the # required?


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            I just did mine this morning and it consisted of 50 situos in 2 mins , 25 push-ups and 1.5 mile run in under 12 mins. It took all my energy to pass because there is no rest time in between the different exercises. Just do situps when ever you can a day. Good LUCK


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              I wouldn't shoot for the minimum--- it was funny, when i was training for my physical fitness (which consisted of a 1.5 mile run in under 15:20, pushups, situps, and a vertical jump) I didn't realize the scale we would work on.

              For us, if we did excellent in one event, it gave us points that would help make up for it if we didn't do so well in another. For instance, I came in 10 seconds late on the run, so I did poorly on that, but I did excellent on pushups and situps, so that helped balance out the points scale. Do you have this scale, or is there a SET amount of each that you have to do?

              Whatever you do, don't lowball it. And, whoever said your adrenaline will make you do more than you normally do is probably right. In practice, I never got more than 18 pushups (because I was operating under the impression that i had to do 18 in order to get the minimum)... turns out, I did 32 in the actual test-- so it just shows you what you are capable of when you have to knock it out!

              good luck, and don't burn yourself out the day before the test...take it easy, eat clean, and you should do better than you think.


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