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    Several months ago I received an email from an agency I will not name, who stated I was not being considered for a position due to not being sufficiently competitive. The email came after completing the agency’s polygraph.

    I was advised by someone who works for said agency to submit a FOIA request to see if any other specific reasoning could be provided.

    I felt I did well on the polygraph. Saying that, I would think they would have clearly stated if the polygraph is what knocked me out of the process.

    My question is this: is it worth my time to submit an FOIA request? Does each agency differ in what they can or will release?

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    Interesting question. I recently submitted a FOIA as well for a previous agency as I can’t make the cert list for even my previous position. Hopefully I’ll get some answers as well. Not sure how much Info they will provide but worth a shot.
    Good luck to you !


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      Wouldn't waste the time, cut your losses and apply elsewhere. If you did make a FOIA request theres a good chance the information would be heavily redacted upon getting it. Guessing this is USSS, because they send emails stating someone isn't competitive when they don't pass a section of the hiring.


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        It's worth a shot, it will take you all of an hour to do the request. I've heard that mileage varies substantially with this, but you might get what you are looking for.


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          What’s the point? You aren’t going any further with them and if it comes back you failed, you’ll have that on your mind next time plus you’ll have to disclose your failure. I wouldn’t waste my time.


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