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  • Fletc -2020

    I may be headed down in the next couple months! Really excited. There is a good amount of information I’ve gathered on these boards.

    Is there anyone down there right now? I’m just looking for the latest and greatest info on crowds(lines at chow?), housing(is everyone double/triple bunked?), gym(do agencies reserve the equipment after hours?), weather etc.

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    It really depends on which agency you are with. I actually live in Glynco and can tell you the likelihood of you staying on FLETC is slim. You may be staying in an area hotel. The temperature can be 40 degrees one day and the next be 80. Generally around 60-70 during the winter and 90+ during summer. It rains a good bit but also we have plenty of sunny days.


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      Thanks for the response, is the likelihood of staying off base due to overcrowding?

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    Housing sucks on post, might suck off post, or you might be on an island. Chow lines are quick at the student center and long and crowded at the chow line. The mat room with the crossfit style workout setup area gets reserved by HSI for a few hours several times a week, usually in the peek hours. The gnats suck ***.


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      Are you going for a basic course or advanced course? If basic course, you will be on campus barring some crazy scenario. Whether you are going for basic or advanced is needed to tailor you a response to your questions.


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        Hey thanks for responding. Basic uptp.

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      Chowhall pro tip: there are 4 lines, not just 2.


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        If your agency release you early for lunch, you will beat the herd of TSA/CBP, otherwise you will wait.

        Weather is unpredictable, bring your jacket and put them in your backpack.

        Drive if you can. Not having a car for many months sucks.

        Gym on base is nice but tends to get crowded before weekday dinner (4:30-6:00). Go off base to Planet Fitness if you could, only a few miles away.
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          HIV rate for Glynn County is above national average so don't go muddaubbing in local honey holes.

          If you stay off-campus, keep nothing of value in your hotel room. Many a laptop has been stolen from those fleabags.

          They can call them palmetto bugs all they want- they're still cockroaches in my book (and will crawl on your bed, your food tray, your shower).

          That acrid and sweet chemical smell coming from Brunswick will bother you at first but by week 12 you will hardly notice it at all.

          Romance is in the air too at fletc- for married people. Some people lose their minds when away from their spouses...

          Chance favors the prepared mind.

          -Louis Pasteur


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            St. Simons is always the go to spot to escape the drag of Brunswick.

            And don't worry, no matter how early you may get cut out of class, the BOP will still make it to lunch first and eat everything


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              Cool, congrats on the new job. So as a basic student you’re looking at being on campus 99.9%. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t know of any “center basic” as they call it course (UPTP, CITP, ICE-ERO Basic, etc) being housed off campus in the last 2 years, even during the hurricane they found a way for basic to be housed on campus.

              You’ll be most likely on campus as a basic student in the Taj with a roommate, or in the “crackhouses” with your own very small room with a sink, bed, desk, and dresser sharing a bathroom with a roommate. The Taj is newer and nicer accommodations, but of course you’re looking at probably have a roommate, and also you’ll be taking the bus to everything from the Taj since it’s super far because basic students can’t drive on base during training hours (0730-1630)

              You’ll be in uniform every day, red gun and duty belt with cuffs baton magazine pouch and (I think for UPTP) a blue taser. Don’t jerk around with or be an idiot with the red gun and get kicked out because it has happened. UPTP is a bit stricter than CITP in terms of PT and stuff, so be prepared for that. Not saying requirements wise because that depends on your agency, but on my experience UPTP students tend to get smoked more in ORT and deal with more BS from instructors. When I was there for CITP a guy I knew in UPTP was smoked by the instructor if they didn’t have their blue fletc nalgene water bottles filled fully when class began.

              Chow is what it is. If you’re in the Taj you will have to go to the chow hall or student center and eat there since no time to go back to your room. If you’re in crackhouses you can get food from the g bar (“student center”) and take it back to your room and relax for a solid 40 min depending on where your next class is. As others have said if your instructor doesn’t get you out early (by like 1110-1115) you’re going to be waiting on very long lines of TSA and BOP. By the last month I was there I went to the student center and ate there with some classmates because the chow hall at lunch just got to be too much.

              The gym is in the PTD building and you can go to it whenever you have free time, you just need to wear the FLETC PT gear or an agency issued shirt to be able to work out in there. It’s pretty crowded at like 5-630 but not anything unlike a regular commercial gym.

              Oh and try to bring a car.

              That’s about all I can think of. If you have other questions feel free keep them coming.
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              • invertedPanda
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                There are lots of basic academy students being housed of campus. CBPO, CBP Air and Marine, TSA...tons being housed on SSI, Jekyll Island, around Brunswick.

              • waffledog47
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                CBP Air Marine and TSA are not in the same umbrella as CITP/UPTP/ICE Ero Basic so I'm not surprised to see those. Those courses are not run directly by FLETC the way that the other 3 are and therefore don't get on base priority. CBP Basic officer is sort of a weird hybrid but is more like Air & Marine than UPTP in terms of how its dealt with at FLETC. Still, I don't know of any UPTP or CITP (your vanilla basic FLETC run courses) that are not on campus in the last 2 years. If someone has first hand knowledge and can confirm otherwise, I stand corrected.

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