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  • Appeals process

    Hello, i need some advice if anybody has dealt with this.I was in the last part of my testing for CDC(corrections) and passed all my test except the psych evalution came back as "unable to deal with high stress etc."

    I have the 30 days to appeal and plan to.

    A little background info:Im male 35,no history of any violence,depression,drugs and never been arrested etc. I was prescribed some medication for cancer(chemotherapy) a few years ago.the medication was for nausea but is also givin for anxiety/depression.I strongly belive this is the reason my evaluation didnt go too well.How/what should i put in this letter???

    I have junped through every hoop in the past year and now this.

    Any ideas???


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    Since I don't have complete confidence in psychological testing, I will try to help you out with this. Although I do feel that the psych tests so sometimes weed out people that shouldn't be in law enforcement, I've also seen some pathological liars and some possible psychopaths/sociopaths slip through as well. I'm not sure of the validity of these tests and maybe somebody with expertise in this area can chime in...but I digress.

    Here are my two suggestions that just came to mind:

    #1: It's going to cost you some money, but I would quickly arrange a visit with a psychologist and explain to him/her what the results of your psych test were and ask for a one-on-one psychological examination. With his permission you can have those results released to whoever you are appealing this process with. This may backfire if his opinion is similar to that of the previous test, but on the other hand it may help you tremendously if he disagrees with the other test. I would guess that a professional opinion would go a long way in your appeal.

    #2: I don't know of your work/personal history, but I would work hard to provide solid examples of how you've successfully managed stressful situations before. If you've had any prior stressful jobs, type up an explanation of some of the things you've handled successfully...be specific and be truthful. You're obviously a cancer survivor, I think that's about as stressful of a situation you can be in...give examples of how you made it through that ordeal. If the original doctor that prescribed you the medication is willing to help, ask him to write a letter to the appeals board describing what he prescribed the medicine for. Although they may not have based their decision on the medication you took, it wouldn't hurt to rule that possibility out of their minds.

    And my final advice in my long winded reply: don't let this deter you from pursuing your dream. There are thousands of other law enforcement jobs out there and you can always try again. If you REALLY want to be in law enforcement and you don't have any major issues...then you will do it eventually. Many of us tried several times before we landed a job.

    Congrats on surviving cancer, that in itself is something to be proud of.

    Okay, just how big were those two beers sir?


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      thanks alot, that gives me some "ideas".


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        You will need to file an appeal with the State Personnel Board. Be mindful of the time limits for filing as there usually is no foregiveness if you are as much as one day late.

        First, go to: http://www.post.ca.gov/selection/psy...cal-traits.pdf

        This will give you an idea of the dynamics of the shrink's evaluation.

        Next, as someone who workled for the state for 32 years I can tell you that California's civil service rules are very complex. Often what makes sense to you is irrelevent to the an administrative law judge. Similarly, things that are important to the court may seem silly to you. For that reason it is essential to retain an attorney who is well versed in civil service law to represent you. He will shape you case to address the relevent issues.

        Try calling the Peace Officers Research Association of California at 1-800-937-6722 or (916) 928-3777. They can direct you to a civil service attorney in your area.
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          I have recently appealed the same sort of findings against me in the state of Washington. The civil service commision in that city will convene in the second week of June and review my appeal at that time. When I know the outcome I will post the results and let you know how it went for me. Best of luck to you in your appeal.


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