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USMS 2019 Schedule B (WAVE'S 1 & 2)


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    Heard through the grapevine that everything is being halted right now because of the corona. So more likely gonna have to wait for next year now to go to fletc


    • MarcyMarsoc
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      Really? A whole year!! That would suck Man!!! I can see it though, mixing corona and terrible government hiring Bureaucracy

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      Wave 1 checking in. Waiting patiently for that fit test and final offer


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        Has anyone from wave 2 heard anything? They are currently doing my BI.


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          Good morning,

          Does anyone have insight into what the PT at the Academy is like? How many miles are you running per week or per day? At what pace? Any general idea on what a day to day schedule looks like?

          Thank you


          • IndexBoss
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            The Marshals pretty much have the toughest PT at Glynco. The staff will be able to tell if you did not prepare. Lots of calisthenics and core stuff. You will get smoked during the day at DT and the range. It is not impossible by any means but is tougher than basic training in my opinion.

            There really is not much running and group runs are at a slow pace.

          • Checkmate
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            Like @IndexBoxx said, the USMS has the toughest PT at FLETC. I was there with a different agency this past year and the USMS candidates always looked exhausted and beat-up.

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          Wave 1, FOL received today.
          USMS Schedule B WAVE 1
          12/10/18- USMS Info Session
          3/25/19- USMS Interview
          4/24/19- USMS invite to apply online
          5/28/19 - Referred to USMS.
          7/03/19- Received TOL
          8/16/19-Initial Medical
          8/29/19-Completed Medical
          9/19/19-Received E-quip
          9/23/19-Completed Fingerprints
          11/5/19-Background Interview
          01/14/20-Drug Screen Completed
          03/12/20-Phone call with Verbal Offer
          03/20/20-Fit Test

          Current USMS TFO


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            For everyone who has received a tentative offer or final offer for the MAY class and is interested in joining a GroupMe chat that I started, send me a direct message. I feel like a group chat would be a good way for us to discuss things instead of through this forum.


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              For anyone in Wave 1 and 2 who didn’t make the May academy, please let me know if you’re interested in starting a group chat. I’m hoping we will make July class and can discuss any movement in the process.


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                Timeline update. I have several friends in the process. We have been catching up with each other, passing each other, and falling behind each other constantly. There’s no method to the madness. HQ is processing a massive amount of individuals at warp speed. I think they’re doing a killer job, and I have a strong feeling there are way more people in the process than any of us know. I have learned to stop judging my process based on others. If you’re still in it, be thankful and be patient. Good luck brothers/ sisters.

                Info Session: May 13, 2019

                Email for Interview: Jun 3

                Interview: Jul 11

                Invitation to Apply: Aug 21

                (Application Deadline): Aug 30

                Referred to USMS: Sep 10

                Tentative Offer: Oct 30

                Contacted for Med: Nov 19

                Medical exam: Nov 21

                Drug test: Dec 3

                Medical complete: Feb 21, 2020

                BI Initiated/ Equip. May

                BI interview: ?

                BI Complete: ?

                Fit Test: ?

                Formal Offer: ?


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                  Is Schedule B hiring an ongoing thing? I know ATF and DEA basically just have you contact a recruiter and they decide if they like it. Is it the same for USMS? Very interested.


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                    Hey all.

                    I started the process back in Summer 2017. Its been a long road since then. A while back, I read on these forums that after a certain amount of time has passed (2 years I think someone told me on here), and if I did not get a BI or a FIT test or an final offer letter, then I would most likely have to reapply all over again and that they'd throw out my application...

                    Well Its been almost 3 years, and I still keep getting updates, and small indications that I am still in the running; via email updates and requests.

                    Here's a glimpse of my application journey thus far:

                    Applied on online AUG 2017
                    Interviewed in DC FEB 2018
                    TOL MAY 2018
                    1st Medical exam MAY 2018
                    Drug Screen SEP 2018
                    Medical / Psych re-examination Waiver OCT 2018
                    FIT test standards Email MAR 2019
                    Medical/Psych re examination letter of approval JUL 2019
                    2nd Medical examination (notice of expiration letter, & request to update any changes since last examination JAN 2020
                    Medical update acceptance letter FEB 2020
                    Drug testing Deferral Letter (states old drug screen expired & due to COVID, I must agree to be drug tested at the academy) MAY 2020

                    BI: TBD
                    Fitness Test: TBD
                    BI Interview: TBD

                    So as you can see, it has been just about 3 years since I began. So if anyone out there is in the same boat as I am, and would like to keep the updates going, feel free to direct message me or reply to this post if you have nay comments.

                    Bottom line, it seems as though the info I received from another person on here regarding my application being tossed after 2 years wasn't accurate. I'm still in the running. Granted I had a hurdle to leap over with my psych records. But I was eventually accepted as good to go by the USMS Medical board. but that could have been the hold up ( as I see some applicants have done everything from applying to day one of the academy in under 1 year !!!!)

                    The lesson here is don't believe everything you hear. Don't trust anything you hear or read until you get that letter from USMS stating your fate with their agency.

                    I'm hopeful. The way i see it, they wouldn't continue to spend $$ on applicants (with med exams, drug screens, BI's, etc.) if they're just going to throw out the application after 2 year's time. They are going to get to you one way or the other. What they will say is up to them though.. But it will most certainly be a disqualifying factor opposed to an elapse of time that will DQ you.


                    Captain C.
                    US Army (Ret.)

                    "RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!"


                    • Labass
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                      Hey Man,
                      I'm in the same boat as you. Applied back in August 2017. my medical took so long to clear because of the VA rating. Cleared medical around April or May, was told they put me for the May class but wasn't picked up and should reapply by HRD. Today I got an email stating I nned to get ready for a FIT test because they are picking for an August class. So you're right, never done till they say you're done. Good luck.

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                    Any movement or good news from waves 1 or 2 in regards to FIT tests or locations offered?


                    • FNG41YR
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                      Zerrooo for me

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                    Any movement regarding the August class? Any offers sent out yet?


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                      Anyone else pass two FIT tests and still in radio silence?


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                        Got a call from my BI, finally the ball is moving.... was told that things should be moving quicker. Buddy said it’s a good sign and should be ready to receive the call to do my fit test
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