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  • A few questions...

    Well, I'm a youngen... only 16, and I'll be half way done with my Administration of Justice degree at the end of this quarter. Since I will have my necessary degree completed by the time I am 18, what would you guys suggest I do for the remaining 3 years? When looking at applications, do you think a department would be more interested in seeing that I continued school or that I got some work experience in some sort of law enforcement? School always seems like a good choice, but I don't know what I would study that would relate at all to police work... and there's really not a lot of LE jobs that will hire an 18 year old.
    Another question... I have scoliosis, not really bad, but I know it will be detectable during the physical exam. Is this going to affect by chances of getting hired? If so, would getting it surgically corrected be helpful or hurtful?
    Thanks a lot!

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    is that a 4 year degree? if it is, get a masters. If it isnt get a 4 year


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      Only 16, and pursuing a degree. That's great!! First, the ailment you mentioned shows my lack of medical knowledge, so I don't know if it would DQ, or not. At 16, you're still too young to apply for even a non-enforcement job with a Police agency. Look into joining a Police Explorer Program. Many local agencies sponsor these, as do some State Police/Highway Patrol agencies. Look into the possibility of doing volunteer work through your Church, or community agencies. If you can, consider continuing your education at the college or university level. Many of these schools have Police Departments, and many offer the opportunity to do internships, or provide part time employment. If your physical condition allows it, consider a tour with the Armed Forces. At 16, the sky really is the limit. Do some research, do a little checking around. Lots of opportunity is out there.


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        Hey, good job on your educational goals. I have a friend who is in the process in Los Angeles and he is fighting with the medical evaluation. They said he has the same condition you have and wanted to dq him off the bat. He has pushed the issue with them and they sent him to get an X-ray of his spine to see if his condition get worse with time. They told him that he has a 50/50 shot at passing his medical clearance, depending on a doctors eval, and to wait for them to contact him. Now I dont know if all agencies are like that but it would probably be a good idea to contact the department and find out a little about their medical clearance procedures. Good Luck!


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          Go for law degree or go into USMC.

          IMHO, YMMV,

          "It's a game of cat and mouse. It's a game of hide and seek. Albeit games with deadly consequences. Like most games-the better you know the rules, the more likely you are to win."


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