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  • Jacksonvilel Sheriffs Office

    Looking to move to this area? Any insight!?
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    Jacksonville Sheriff

    Long time since I've been to Florida. If I'm not too badly mistaken, the Sheriff's Office in Jacksonville is the Duval County S.O. It is also the Jacksonville Police Dept. Essentially, it's a metro P.D. The agency has a pretty good reputation. It should have a website, so you can do a little research on your own. If I absolutely had to live in Florida, I would want to do it in the "Panhandle" Still rather rural, pleasent area and people. Jacksonville qualifies as big city in every sense of the word. It's home to several major corporations as well as Naval Installations. Worse places to live I guess. Check it out. Might be just what you're looking for.


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      Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

      Thanks for the insight, i'm looking for a bigger department, for the advancement and the ability to "specialize" later down the road.


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        Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

        Sounds good. In addition to Jacksonville, take a look at Miami-Dade, City of Miami. If you don't want to go that far south, look at Orlando, Orange County,Seminole County Sheriff's Depts. Plenty of opportunity with almost any of them. for state opportunities, take a look at Florida Dept of Law Enforcement, or FHP.


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          Hey there. I live 30 minutes from Jacksonville, in south Ga. I go to and have gone to Jacksonville all the time. JSO is a great department. They offer take home cars to their officers as well as other great benefits. They are a large department and cover a large area. Jacksonville is Duval County. With that being said, Duval is one of the largest counties in the US. Ranking in the top three. If Im not mistaken Jacksonville is just behind Miami for population. Most officers who go to JSO usually retire from there. Ive got a few friends there and they have nothing bad to say. However, on the flip side, the amount of killings in Jacksonville have been steadily going up. Last year, per capita, it was in the top ten. So you will stay busy.


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            JSO Academy Question

            I'm in the application process now with JSO, and am "under order" to not contact the recruiters until I hear from them. I have heard conflicting info on whether or not JSO's academy is live-in, on campus, or do the recruits get to go home each night. Can anyone confirm with certainty one way or the other for me?


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              pretty sure they go home at night.


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                Jacksonville, FL bound

                I plan to head for JAX as soon as I can. I'm halfway through the process, awaiting backgrounds to come back in. It seems like the more I find on JSO, the bigger the department gets. Does anyone know how many officers JSO employs?


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                  Hey there Paul, you'll love Jacksonville! I can't tell you how many officers they employ, but for their academy nefl is right, you go home at night.

                  Join JSO has a little blurb about the academy here though it isn't much.

                  Good luck, feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions about the city in general, be glad to help.


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                    Hey paul6790, did your background get finished? which academy will you be going into?


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                      Some Answers for You...From a Recently Retired JSO Lt

                      Hi, here are some answers for you, from a recently retired JSO lieutenant who worked 17 years in Patrol and the last 3 for the Administration:

                      1. JSO is one of the most squared away and elite LE agencies in the world. They are triple crown accredited across all accreditation standards, which makes them one of only about 18 in the country and remember there are 18,000 LEAs. They are also 'gold seal' or 'gold star' (something like that) which means that they have maintained 100% on all mandatory standards for the last 15 years in a row. Suffice it to say, they are a very sharp outfit and I was quite proud to wear the blue and gold.

                      2. They are more than big enough to specialize, in fact they sometimes over specialize. There are about 3,200 employees, of which about 1,700 are sworn. If you are going sworn, you'll have to spend at least the first couple of years on the street, after that, the sky's the limit.

                      3. The academy is very military. Its academically and physically very demanding and you will be put through your paces every day. It is a go home at night operation. You will however, be going home to study, and wash off the dirt, sweat, and blood, and get some rest, so that you can do it all again tomorrow...for many months. Pansies, complainers, and slackers do not do well here. Sharp, gung-ho, can-do types do very well.

                      4. Departures from the standards are not tolerated in the academy or beyond. The agency has a right to expect the finest, demands it, gets it, and lets those those who don't live up find other things to do. If you are a screw up, or serial department hopper, don't apply at JSO, you'll be eaten alive. If you would survive as a military officer, you'll do fine here.

                      They were very good to me and I returned the favor.

                      Good luck and I wish you well.


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