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    Anybody have insight into what working for USDA OIG is like?

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    Usually small offices, which can be good or bad. Good if everyone gets along, bad if they don't.

    Mostly work food stamp fraud, the billion dollar criminal fleecing of America.

    Most of those cases involve food stores in the 'hood- those places which sell strawberry blunt wrap but no strawberries. I always tell people- just because it's fraud doesn't mean it's not dangerous work.

    Occasionally work other cases, like the deranged man who worked in the meat department at a grocery store and poured concentrated nicotine (a pesticide from the '50s he found in a barn) into 100 pounds of hamburger, which made dozens of people seriously ill. Since that meat was USDA certified, USDA OIG had jurisdiction.
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      Someone got referred I see ha. What locations did you select?

      They also are the leads on federal dog fighting. I've worked with one who is a big time dog fighting case guy. It's also pretty high speed, because it's dangerous, lots of UC work, shoulder to shoulder with the criminal element. He works in conjunction with DEA, FBI and others all the time. When the DEA can't tie the cocaine or meth to the suspect, but they know he partakes in dog fighting, that's their angle. Then during their SW for dog fighting, they find the meth. But the dog fighting charges alone are enough to put them away for a long time.

      But conversely, you may be working crop insurance fraud cases.

      Just a heads up, the management involved with this announcement has made it clear there will be no memoing back to your old grade since this is a 7/9 announcement. So if you're currently a 12 or 13, you're going to have to do your time and wait for your yearly promotion.
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        I selected all locations and was referred for all. Thank you both for the insight. Hopefully will receive a call for an interview.

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