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2019 Osceola County Sheriff’s Office FL


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  • 2019 Osceola County Sheriff’s Office FL

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    I have a very good friend I went to college with that started and is currently a detective with Osceola. Moral is ok, but like any Florida agency someone somewhere else gets paid more and causes gripes. Osceola is a very distinct agency that it has rural and non-rural areas of patrol. You could get stuck in a very non-action area and then other times be running code call to call. There are plenty of overtime opportunities and details with no enough deputies to fill them all from what I have heard. Good luck on the union, no Florida Sheriff's Offices have unions- you are an at will employee and basically could be terminated at any time. I worked at a Florida Sheriff's department a few counties south from Osceola and it was the same way. But keep this in mind, Osceola is a farm agency to raise people for Orlando PD and Orange county Sheriff's Office. Polk County Sheriff's Office is a farm agency to Tampa PD. Put in a few good years, keep your nose clean and you will be fine.

    As a former rookie, you will want to be first on every scene, stop every car, get in every chase. A word of caution, it will all come in time. Do you know why there are 5 balls at the end of the Sheriff's star right?? So it doesn't hurt as bad when they shove it up your a** for messing up. take your time, learn from seasoned officers and you will be great. Hope this helped.

    IN relation to Orange County, When I was looking to transfer up there my personal friend who was the recruiter told me, they fight every night, they chase guys every night. They will give you the best equipment available but its on you to choose if that type of environment is for you. I had a family with a new child on the way and stayed put where I was at. My buddy at Osceola responded to the pulse shooting. I had tactical pistol training with a FDLE agent who investigates OIS in Orlando, his phone rang 4 times in a weekend. This was a few years ago and I can only imagine with the times and how perceptions are it's only worse. Keep your head on a swivel and good luck !
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      Last I heard years ago was that Orange had a union, did this go away? I'm def behind the times in central florida news.

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      uhhhh I'm not too sure. I know at the time (few years ago) the members were not too happy with the sheriff and policies. I was member of the Sheriff's Office association, kind of a union, but in the end game they are there to back the Sheriff's, not the deputies. Pd's were always a different story. From what good buddies are telling me Florida is going down the drain... especially with the new marijuana legalization law opening. No more smell and search etc. I see some horrible case laws coming from down south......

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      Fedco95.. I really appreciate you taking your time and giving me some insight of the job and what you’ve heard about Osceola. You made some great points! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking online to see anything about Osceola until now.

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    Just to give you a heads up as well, I was a former Deputy Sheriff in Florida, SWAT team member and member of the dive team. I did the job for approximately 4 years and changed career paths due to family life. Ended up getting divorced anyways and decided to go back because it was a calling. Federal was the route for me that I decided based on benefits, retirement, opportunities, etc. I work for BOP now make more money than I did at the SO, and honestly feel safer in a more controlled environment. However it started my 6C leo coverage and I'm in a few processes to move to more active agencies.


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      Wow fedco95, awesome advice. I've never heard the 5 ball thing, too funny.

      I worked for a Florida S.O. not far from there. No real experience in Osceola but I have buddies who have left Orange and have gone there. Backing up with fedco said x100. The more **** you get into, the more you're opening yourself up for trouble.

      Two guys I worked with left Orange when they saw how insanely busy they are. Couple guys I know who couldn't get hired with a better S.O. went there and enjoy it. I've been on scene with some Orange guys and I'm sure they're great and all, but they didn't think their **** stank. Didn't ever really want to work with outside agencies, etc. I hope it's not indicative of the whole department. Worked with other S.O. bordering Orange and they were great. Somewhat same background as fedco, SWAT and going the federal route as well.


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