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Jobs in law enforcement for a non-citizen


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  • Jobs in law enforcement for a non-citizen

    hey guys, just a quick question I know there is a lot of experts here and maybe some ideas will come up. I am lawful permanent resident alien(green card) 3 years away from my citizenship, I am 21 years old, 30 credits away from my bachelors in criminal justice with a minor in public management, bilingual (english-spanish), 4 years of experience in loss prevention, clean background record, clean driving record,volunteer with the court and other organizations,good work references, recognized at my current job several times, but being a non citizen is a big issue, my question is, since I am 3 years away from being a citizen and I want to start my career now what would you guys recommend I do?
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    Jobs in LE for Non Citizens

    I can only give you some very general answers. Most, and note I don't say all, agencies require U.S. Citizenship. This is either an agency policy, or a matter of law. Here in Alabama, for example, it's a matter of law. There are some states, primarily in local jurisdictions, where a non-citizen (Green Card) can be appointed. I believe some agencies in Alaska and Colorado will waive, or have waived the full citizenship requirement.The decision whether or not to relocate is yours. At the current rate you're progressing to full citizenship, you'll still be young enough to be a viable candidate with many police agencies. In the meantime, I would suggest you continue your studies, as well as your community involvement. Neither can hurt . Very possibly, some other members can provide you with additional information.


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      thank you for your reply, I also got from other people that I should go into the cost guard, do you think that is a good idea?


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        Can't hurt. The Coast Guard often gets a bad rap. I say that as a former Marine. It's a good service, and it plays a major role in drug interdiction, and Homeland Security missions. Check with the Recruiter. It could be a very good option for you. I'd certainly consider it.


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          The USCG would be a great option if you are interested in military service but if you want to be in law enforcement, relocate to one of the 14 states which don't require citizenship of applicants and apply to depts.
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            Other Option...

            Hey man, i found myself in a similar situation as you about 2 years ago and i was also in Florida.

            If you dont want to go the CG route - then you might want to consider seeking out a job as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst.

            These are non sworn posts and most decent sized PD's / SO's in Florida will have several analysts. Your job is basically reading all the crime reports and BOLO's and trying to identify trends in crime or ID associations in gangs etc. you also serve as a POC with your agency to other agencies with their crimes.

            you work DIRECTLY with the detectives and road officers will use you to research subjects and locations for upcoming operations / post arrest investigations and its kind of being like a non-sworn detective that stays behind a desk.

            Doing this WONT speed up the time you have to wait for citizenship - but it might make the wait more enjoyable - also, as long as your good and have a good reputation when your citizenship does come you should be able to pretty much be able to just "transfer" per say to the sworn side.

            I did the same job with PBSO before moving to one of the "you dont need to be a citizen here" states where im now a trooper. The Analysts position i held there was awesome and i would reccomend this path to anyone in a similar situation.

            Good Luck!


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              co911 and napes thank you for you answers I was waiting for a few days for somebody to give me good options like you guys, I really appreciate your advices


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                Originally posted by co911 View Post
                The USCG would be a great option if you are interested in military service but if you want to be in law enforcement, relocate to one of the 14 states which don't require citizenship of applicants and apply to depts.
                What are the 14 States that don't require citizenship ???
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