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Recieving a non passing score on the Psych evaluation


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  • Recieving a non passing score on the Psych evaluation

    L.E, and future L.E.O, I received an email from my investigator explaining that the psychologist gave me a non passing score. I'm assuming a 4, because he told me my application will he sent to the review committee on the 18th, and they will decide whether they will stick with the psychologists decision or deny his opinion is how he explained it. Have any of you had this happened to you? What are my chances from this point? I should note that I answered everything honestly and truthfully, and despite the psych being rude and short mannered I remained very calm and professional. Such as, trying to shake his hand and him denying me and sitting down instead, him raising his voice at me etc, I remained very calm and level headed. What happens now?

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    Originally posted by Bakii5-0 View Post
    What happens now?
    You apply elsewhere.

    Psych exams can sometimes be very subjective and a crap shoot. I have seen applicants fail one psych on Monday and pass another on Tuesday. You keep applying elsewhere, but if you start racking up a string of failed psychs from different departments, then you need to seriously consider whether you lack the mental and emotional ability to perform the duties of the job.

    FWIW, my attorney's son failed 20 psych's in a row. Her finally passed the 21st and just retired after 30 years on the job. In retirement, he is now working as a railroad cop.

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      Why do you have 5-0 in your handle if you are not an Leo? May seem silly but that’s a little red flag for me.


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