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    Looking for general information on agencies, primarily in the south/south east. My family is in CNY and I do not want to be too far from them as in California. I've already done quite a bit of research on agencies in N.C. and S.C. and seems to be quite the struggle to retain officers due to the lack of pay. I am mostly interested in departments south of PA as I am extremely tired of working for years in NY snow. I am mostly looking for information anyone can provide on which states are the best to work, in general, for law enforcement, and if you have specific agencies, let me know which ones. I've already learned that in S.C., Charleston is the highest paid at about $50k give or take, but the cost of living is higher than average in the state. I realize NY agencies pay well, but we are taxed very highly and being relatively new in the pension system, it's not as good as it once was.

    Most of my interest lies in county policing as that's where I am now, but I would not turn down a good city job.

    Any and all information is appreciated. Thanks!

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    I have no good tips on which agencies are the best but I spent a few years working in the rural south and can provide some insight on what you may expect...

    True, there isn't snow (although occasionally the Carolinas do get a snowstorm and when that happens, Good Golly is holy hell ever unleased because they don't have plows, people don't know how to drive, and good luck finding road salt south of DC). The good thing is the snow usually disappears in a couple of days and normal returns quickly.

    But- and this is a big but- that area has different weather issues, namely frequent hurricanes. And they can bring way more grief than a long NY winter-- in addition to the immediate destruction, the impacts can last and last. The power grid can be down for weeks, flooding can be widespread and significant, and thanks to the many industrial pig and poultry farms, the rivers can turn into toxic sludgeways of animal waste and floating carcasses. Plus, the poison ivy grows year round, red ants are ubiquitous, and cottonmouths hang from willow branches. Not trying to dissuade you, just trying to make sure you know what you're replacing snow with.

    The other aspect to life there you should be aware of: there are two Souths- the modern one of growing cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Jacksonville, etc. and the not-so-modern one, the backwater swamps and hillsides where the War of Northern Aggression never ended, where fifty hound dogs live chained to posts in front yards, and where outsiders aren't exactly welcome. I lived/worked in the latter for several years and while I was able to accomplish the mission, I was always a stranger in a strange land....

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      Thanks for your reply. Based on your post, I am unsure if you resided in NY. I have been here for my whole life and worked policing almost 5 years. If you have lived here, you would know that it's a pretty bad place to be. This year, there have been several news articles explaining how NY is about the top 1-3 states (I can't recall exactly) in the country that people are moving out of. Whatever the reasons are, I can state mine would be the ones I have mentioned and then some. Snow (and often times its the below zero temps for weeks that are worse) extremely high taxes that don't do anything for me at all because roads are terrible with holes, local schools are getting rid of sports programs, business that have been around 30+ years are shutting down etc., the hobbies I have outside of work are hindered by the snow/salt ( motorcycles, cars, sports, boating) and on and on.

      But anyway that's not the reason I posted this. Again, I appreciate your reply. If you have any insight into agencies, maybe the one you worked at, please let me know. Thanks!

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