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    Any advice how to tailor your resume for USAJOBS? I know about using key words and using detail instead of keeping it short. Any advice is appreciated.
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    You have to hit the words that are in the qualifications section. Most jobs, the resumes are computer read so it scans them.

    A great example is a friend's resume I fixed. He applied for border patrol, and has been in law enforcement for years and years. His resume was good and any cop reading it would know what he did; patrol work, SRT team member, etc. But his first application he was found ineligible for the current law enforcement announcement.

    While it is painfully obvious reading his resume that he made arrests, conducted interviews, seized evidence, etc as a cop, his resume didn't say it. I tuned up his resume (effectively made it stupider really), individually listing out all the things he did as a cop that were listed in the qualifications section of the announcement. He is processing for the job now.

    Also, many agencies, especially DOI agencies for whatever reason like NPS require resumes to list hours worked (and it will say so in the USAjobs posting). So if you don't put '50 hours a week' beside your job title, you will be found ineligible even if you were the best candidate.
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      That's great advice. I've been trying to help a friend who's overqualified for some of the jobs he's applying to but getting no love from USAJobs. I am certain you just described the problem he's running into.

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      Glad I could help. What I mentioned is really for the mass hiring events or popular agencies. Even when the marshals would take maybe 75 people a year, they would take up to 30,000 applications per announcement. So obviously they're not initially reading all resumes. But regular govt jobs that may not have thousands of applicants may be read by a human off the bat. Either way it doesn't hurt to list those basic things to ensure that you have it in case they are scanned

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