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  • State Trooper Questions

    Hi all,

    I have a few questions regarding employment as a state trooper.
    1) What are the best states to be a trooper? Not just based on salary, but job satisfaction, advancement opportunities, good areas to live, quality of life, etc.
    2) How difficult is it to make specialty units with state police agencies? Any agencies where it is known that promotional potential is high?
    3) The Governor's protection detail has always been something that has interested me. Is it known to be very difficult/ selective to get into dignitary protection with state police agencies?
    I would love to hear everyone's advice, information, and suggestions about employment as a trooper. I hope this thread can come in handy for others as well!

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    Wow. All I can say is good luck getting all of the answers you are seeking. What you should know is that your questions are pretty subjective. Salary is pretty quantifier. Things like job satisfaction, etc. are going to be all over the board. Some may actually be diametrically opposed to other things. For example, you may find a place that has excellent advancement opportunities. But then you find out later the reason is because of high turnover in the agency.

    As far as specialty units go, generally speaking, doing a great job as a trooper should put you in a good position to even be considered, you would have to focus on that first.

    As far as the Governor's Protection detail goes, I am sure it runs the gamut. I suspect that is more desirable in some places than others.

    There are fifty different states and lots of different agencies. I am sure that you want to narrow the choices by doing your research, but as a practical matter, you might have to focus on ones near you first, unless you somehow determine that there is one, specific agency that you really want to work for.

    If it were me, and I really wanted to work for a state law enforcement agency, I would apply to some near me. Then, if you get hired at one, focus on being the best you can be. Then, after a couple of years experience, if you desire a change, then start looking. With a few years of experience, you will be in a better position to ask the questions about things that most concern you.


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      Jim1648 i realize these questions are very specific and subjective. I appreciate your response and I agree applying with some agencies close to me is a good way to start.


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        Louisiana State Police has Great Pay, Great Benefits, and the few friends of mine in the agency seem to love it. Louisiana can get a little political but as long and you can drink the kool-aid a little you will do fine. I'd check out their website.


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          I also don't believe that Hawaii has state police. So that's one state out.


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            Thanks for the info guys! Keep it coming!


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              ISP (Illinois) is hiring like crazy and they get paid well.


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                Texas raised their Trooper pay a couple years ago and they seem to pay very well now. A close friend of mine worked the road as a Trooper for 5yrs or so focusing on interstate interdiction, then promoted to Detective with DPS in gangs and then drugs. Then he got a big boy promotion to Ranger. His rise has been due to his hard work and a little luck, but he still gets very frustrated due to the bs politics bureaucracy of it all.

                Stay away from southeastern states; VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, AL, MS; if you want to live above the poverty line. While they dont pay a huge amount, KY always had a super solid true State Police organization with KSP. KSP had lots of speciality units. They also offered a 20yr retirement at one time, but I believe they changed that several years back.


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                  This pretty much. NC State troopers are paid 34k starting out. Tops out at like mid 60s.

                  Texas is around 60k during the academy and like 73k after your year probation. Gets into the 6 figures after a few years in. You just might have to live in a remote ****ty location like the SW border, or may luck out and not have to. I think you can switch locations after 2-3 years in.

                  I've worked with some TX troopers.

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                What kind of stuff do you want to work? Some states have State Police some have Highway Patrol. Both are usually considered State Troopers. I was Highway Patrol in a rural area. Had a blast. Moved onto Fed.


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